Red for Equality: What Are the 10 Most Powerful Memes for Same-Gender Marriage?

Americans' support for same-gender marriage has gone viral. Which images best show your support?

The Supreme Court's oral arguments for same-gender marriage may have concluded, but advocacy for LGBT-rights across social-media platforms continues to go viral. Thousands of users from networks including Facebook, Twitter, Storify, Tumblr and more turned their profiles red—including DiversityInc—and shared dozens of pro-LGBT memes this week in an effort to promote the belief that love knows no restrictions.

"Red symbolizes love. That's what marriage is all about," says Charlie Joughin, a spokesman for the Human Rights Campaign, the LGBT-rights advocacy group that started the campaign by turning its equal-sign logo red. The HRC also is offering free equality stickers as a thanks to anyone willing to show their support.

What started as a simple color swap has evolved into massive public promotion, with online users—as true to our meme-hungry society—putting their own spin on the equality symbol. How will you show your support? Take a look at our selection of these powerful images, then visit the Human Rights Campaign flickr page for more.

Same-Gender Equality Lady Liberty & Justice

Same-Gender Equality Wedding Rings

Same-Gender Marriage Equality Painted Hand

Same-Gender Marriage Equality Words of Marriage

Same-Gender Equality Les Miserables

Same-Gender Marriage Equality Collage

Same-Gender Marriage Equality: We Are the 58 Percent

Same-Gender Marriage Equality Comes Out
Same-Gender Marriage Equality Zombies

Same-Gender Marriage Equality Grumpy Cat

Vickers "Vic" Cunningham, a former Dallas judge who's running in the Republican primary runoff election for Dallas county commissioner on Tuesday, decided to provide his children a monetary incentive to condone homophobia and racism. Cunningham set up a living trust with a clause rewarding his children if they marry a white, straight Christian.

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Janelle Monáe Opens Up About 'Being a Queer Black Woman in America'

"I consider myself to be a free-ass motherf***er," the singer said.


In an interview with Rolling Stone, Janelle Monáe came out as pansexual — and she's owning her identity.

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Ben Carson's HUD to Scrub Anti-Discrimination Language from Mission Statement

As the Trump administration seeks to cut HUD's funding, the agency is aligning its mission with "the secretary's priorities."

A year after beginning his position of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) secretary, Ben Carson has decided that it's time to update the agency's mission statement and remove words and phrases like "inclusion" and "free from discrimination."

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'Being Proud to Be a Gay Black Female' Is a Revolutionary Act, Says Lena Waithe

Waithe, an award-winning television writer, uses her platform to promote self-acceptance and equality.


Actress, producer and screenwriter Lena Waithe, a gay Black woman, has not only made history in Hollywood, but continues to use her platform to encourage and inspire other Black LGBTQ people to be their authentic selves.

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Log Cabin Republicans Blindly Back Trump

As Trump's GOP twists gay hating into "religious freedom," LGBT Republicans are living in the Trump Twilight Zone.


A decision by the Alabama Republican Party to bar openly gay Jason White from running for sheriff is just another chapter in the cautionary love story between gay Republicans, their political party and their sexual orientation.

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Gay Basher Brownback Wins Confirmation as Ambassador for International Religious Freedom

Tireless bedroom busybody goes international as the champion of religion from the five-children-from-three-women-porn-star-payoff administration.


Sam Brownback, the unpopular Republican governor of Kansas and an enemy of LGBT rights, will be leaving his post to take on a role as international religious freedom ambassador for President Donald Trump's administration.

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Trump Attacks LGBT Community with Bogus 'Religious Freedom Day'

Intent is to allow discrimination against LGBT people, erasing over 100 years of federal non-discrimination law. American Taliban Pence goes back to his gay-bashing roots.


President Donald Trump declared January 16 "Religious Freedom Day." Presidents make this proclamation every year, but Trump's "religious freedom" says businesses should have the right to discriminate by letting them refuse to serve LGBT people based solely on their sexual orientation or gender identity.

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