Did Komen's Lack of Board Diversity Cause Its Crisis

The nonprofit Susan G. Komen organization’s board of directors is mostly Texan, homogeneousand wealthy. Here’s how the lack of diversity fueled its misstep over funding to Planned Parenthood, which resulted in a PR fiasco and a marketplace lack of confidence that will be hard to repair.

The organization, which fights breast cancer, reversed its decision to defund Planned Parenthood, but can the damage really be undone The resulting mistrust from Komen’s flip-flop stance and delayed response to protests now has former supporters wary of backing the organization and raising questions.

How could such a poor decision get approved in the first place The answer could lie in a lack of diversity in its board, according to an article on MotherJones.com by Clara Jeffery.

Calling for an Overhaul

The article delves into the organization’s other underlying issuessuch as the way donated funds are collected and distributed, its focus on finding a cure over prevention and how the organization threatened to sue other charities for utilizing their “for the cure” phrasing in marketing.

Most notably, it makes the call for a complete Komen overhaulstarting with its “sucky” board of directors, says Jeffery. She notes that the nine board members are mostly white (there are only two Blacks on the board) and most are wealthy Texans.

Ultimately, the article raises important questions about diversity in leadership and thought that is a common topic discussed at DiversityInc. Without more diversity among board membersindividuals who can challenge the way the organization has typically done its businesshow can Komen adapt and innovate to changing demographics and concerns among the population of women it purports to represent How can it prevent communication blunders from happening again

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