Denial of Gay Super Bowl Ad Was Hypocrisy, Says Reader

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DiversityInc’s article “Why Did CBS Reject Gay Super Bowl Ad” spurred a strong reaction from one of our readers. See what he had to say on the subject. His edited comment is below. To read what CEO Luke Visconti had to say about the CBS ad, read his latest Ask the White Guy column by clicking here.

Comment: Let’s not get it twisted, people. Television programming (even the vaunted Super Bowl) is simply the stuff between the commercials. Television programming exists only to get us to watch the advertisements. Network television uses public airwaves to sell its products. The politicization of the FCC over the years—and the Bush years in particular—has led to networks pandering in their personal (economic) interests rather than operating in the public’s interest. Networks are not “out of touch.” They are very much in touch … with the deep strain of socially conservative bigotry that has been running rampant in this nation for at least the past few decades. Despite the mythology that Barack Obama’s election heralded the beginning of a post-racial America (and, by implication, a more enlightened attitude toward “others” such as gays and immigrants), it is increasingly clear that we are simply fighting another battle in America’s ongoing Culture War. Tea Baggers, Birthers, Birchers, et al are just the latest iteration of the racist, homophobic xenophobics that have stood four square against justice and equality for all Americans. CBS’s rejection of the Mancrunch ad is simply another skirmish in the battle. The blatant hypocrisy of their actions in essentially choosing to whom they will sell airtime wouldn’t be tolerated in any other business … picture Hertz not renting a car to someone because they are gay, Black, an alien, disabled. We do have a choice not to buy their products. Let’s not.


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