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  • Women Promoted Into Management: 15.1% more than the Top 50
  • Level 3 Mentoring Participation: More than double that of the Top 50
  • Supplier Diversity: Spent twice as much of total procurement with tier-1 minority-owned suppliers than the Top 10


At Deloitte, inclusion is embedded throughout the culture and talent experience. Through pre-hire initiatives, Deloitte connects with future talent early by generating interest in STEM fields, providing mentorship opportunities and engaging with first-generation college freshmen.

Deloitte's development culture encourages continuous learning and growth, connections with leaders and opportunities for sponsorship. Through the newly launched Inclusion Councils, the organization fosters a sense of community by engaging their people around common passions and interests. The councils serve as a connection point, as well as a source for hosting conversations and activities on community impact, well-being, development and inclusion.

Deloitte's approach to fostering inclusion is unique not only in their programs; but also in that inclusion is foundational to their culture, everyday experiences and each stage of their professionals' careers.


Cathy Engelbert


"In this time of exponential change and uncertainty, nurturing a 'culture of courage' is vital for fostering diverse perspectives and supporting our people. Bottom line, we want all our people to thrive, and that means the environment is inclusive and everyone knows they can bring their best thinking every day."

Deb DeHaas

Chief Inclusion Officer and National Managing Partner, Center for Board Effectiveness

"The key to unleashing the power of our diversity is inclusion. To us, inclusion is leadership in action. It's all the ways we seek out and engage each other's skills, experiences and perspectives, so we can bring to the marketplace our best client service, knowledge, and counsel. It's everyone's responsibility, every day and at every level, to create the culture that can make that happen."

U.S. Headquarters: New York, N.Y.

Global Employees: 70,603

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