Cultural Competence for LGBT Pride Month

AT&T and General Motors discuss their internal and external focus on LGBTs and how they celebrate Pride month.

02:44 – 07:53: AT&T Introduction

07:54 – 10:08: Policies, Programs Drive Diversity, Inclusion, Equality

10:09 – 11:25: Diversity Leadership Strengthens Reputation Across Key Sectors

11:26 – 14:27: A History of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, & Queer Inclusion

14:28 – 19:42: AT&T “Turns Up The Love” for Pride Month and Beyond

19:43 – 22:27: Doing More for LGBTQ Pride Month

22:53 – 23:43: General Motors Introduction

23:44 – 26:26: GM PLUS, GM’s LGBTQ ERG

26:27 – 28:15: Mentoring Program Managed By GM PLUS

28:16 – 30:22: Training Through PFLAG

30:23 – 32:38: Internal Policy

32:39 – 34:50: The “Road Show”

34:51 – 37:59: Motor City Pride

38:16 – 55:14: Q&A

To view/download PDF of presentation click here

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