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Blacks, Latinos and Asians in Senior Leadership: 21.5% higher than the Top 50 and nearly 40% higher than U.S. companies overall

Supplier Diversity: 77.5% higher than the Top 10 and 68% higher than the Top 50 on prime suppliers who are minority owned

Mentoring by CEO and Direct Reports: 18.6% higher than the Top 10 and nearly 50% higher than the Top 50


A focus on mentoring is setting Cox Communications apart from many companies in this regard. An increase in the company’s diversity mentoring efforts has led to 47 percent of all mentees now being people of color, and 48 percent are now women.

The company’s mentoring programs encompass cross-cultural mentor-mentee partnerships matching employees from different genders, races and ethnicities. And they also have formal follow-up procedures including formal evaluations of mentors and mentees when the formal relationship ends.

Cox Communications President Patrick Esser and the senior team represent a top down commitment to diversity. Esser himself attends and leads 100 percent of the National Diversity Council meetings and dedicates two days each quarter for council meetings.

The company hosted two learning experiences for employee resource group members to educate employees on supplier diversity. And “Why Get Certified” brochures were also designed and distributed to market champions to support supplier conversations and increase certifications of vendors. In addition, Cox Communication hosted “Doing Business with Cox” webinars with 45 disability owned business enterprises, and the supply chain team interviewed 16 prospective LGBT-owned businesses. As a result, a contract upwards of $3 million was awarded to an LGBTowned business.


Pat Esser


“Our industry is evolving at a faster pace every day to better address consumers. To continue to connect people and businesses to the things they care about most we must have the best talent, vendors and partners. This helps ensure that we meet the complex needs of the communities we serve.”

Lissiah Hundley

Executive Director, Diversity and Inclusion

“Diversity and inclusion are a critical part of our business. Having a focus and commitment to both enables us to attract high performing talent, create a positive workplace environment, drive revenue for our business, and be viewed as a provider and employer of choice.”



Atlanta, Ga.



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