Your White Privilege Is Showing: Police Captain On Leave for Telling Cop He Benefits From His Race and Gender

A police captain has been placed on paid administrative leave after breaking the news to a cop that being a white male happens to have its benefits in America.

Officers in Plainfield, Ind., were attending a Police Supervisors Transgender Awareness Training session, according to WISH-TV, which obtained a video of the training.

“My wife has never been part of police violence, most of the people that I know have never accused the police of violence,” an unidentified man says.

A woman’s voice, identified by WISH-TV as belonging to Captain Carri Weber, says, “That’s because of white male privilege.”

“So I guess I don’t get where that statistic comes from,” the man continues.

Weber repeats, more loudly, “‘Cause your white male privilege, so you wouldn’t know.”

“I’m sorry I’m sorry, what” the man asks.

“White male privilege,” Weber says again.

The room erupts with comments, including remarks of “Wow” and “I’m done with this training.”

“Chief, are you gonna let her get away with that Seriously” the officer asks. “I’m asking a legitimate question here, and I’m getting taught ‘white privilege’ Are you serious I find that extremely offensive.”

“No, I will leave,” he adds.

The officer filed a complaint against Weber on Nov. 10.

“I was racially and sexistly slurred by Captain Carri Weber while I was asking a question of the instructor in training,” the complaint read, according to The Indy Channel. “I am now firmly aware of the discriminatory belief she just verbally communicated. … There is no place in the Plainfield Police administration or supervision for someone who holds and espouses her discriminatory views.”

Weber was placed on paid administrative leave on Nov. 10. Her future with the Plainfield Police Department will be brought to a vote on Dec. 7, the outlet also reported.

Prior to the exchange the officer had been questioning statistics that transgender people are more than three times more likely than cisgender people to experience police violence:

“That’s not even accurate because if you can’t even have a basis for where the number comes from or what the situation is that puts them in that situation I mean are they more likely to be in this situation than somebody that’s not transgender I’m just saying, which I don’t know what that is, I’m just saying.”

According to media reports, the data came from a 2013 report from the National Coalition of Anti-Violence Programs (NCAVP).

Weber was previously in trouble with the department for having alcohol in a squad car and operating a police vehicle within eight hours of drinking. She was suspended without pay for two weeks. Media outlets at the time identified Weber as an assistant chief.

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