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Photo Surfaces of Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith Wearing a Confederate Hat

A photo of Mississippi Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith (R) wearing Confederate garb surfaced on Tuesday, literally, after she recently “joked” that she’d attend a “public hanging,” if invited.

The photo of the senator was taken when Smith visited the Jefferson Davis Home and Presidential Library in 2014. Hyde-Smith was shown wearing a Confederate States Army soldier’s hat.

In her Facebook post, she exclaimed: “I enjoyed my tour of Beauvoir. The Jefferson Davis Home and Presidential Library located in Biloxi. This is a must see. Currently on display are artifacts connected to the daily life of the Confederate Soldier including weapons. Mississippi history at its best!”

The fact of the matter is she claimed that her lynching comment was made “in jest” but Mississippi, the state she represents, has an extensive, horrific history of hanging Black Americans. It is the state with the highest number of lynchings within the history of the United States.

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Several companies, including Walmart, requested that their donations to Hyde-Smith’s campaign be refunded because of her “public hanging” comment.

Hyde-Smith is facing backlash as she heads into a midterm election runoff slated for Nov. 27 against Democratic opponent Mike Espy, who is African American.

Reader Question: Based on what you’ve seen and heard regarding the senator and her actions, would you conclude that she’s a racist

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