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Andy Cecere
Andy Cecere
Chairman, President and CEO

This work is long-term. We’re committed to being part of the solution and we believe that access to financial education, career development and capital creates opportunities for systemic change.

Greg Cunningham
Greg Cunningham
Senior Executive Vice President and Chief Diversity Officer

We’re able to measure the actions we’re taking, but our long-term goal is to measure the impact on people’s lives. Our success has to be based on whether the people we’re trying to help are reaching their goals. Was the entrepreneur able to create one more job because of our Access Fund? Was a family able to buy their first home because of our financial education partnership with Operation HOPE? Did their kids get to go to college because they saved together using the Goalsetter app? When we can measure whether people’s lives were improved in these specific ways, we’ll know whether we are on the right track.

From The Company

At U.S. Bank, we recognize diversity, equity and inclusion benefits all our stakeholders and operationalize it through every business line, as well as support areas such as our supplier diversity program.

U.S. Bank Access Commitment™, is our long-term approach to build wealth, redefine how we serve diverse communities and create more opportunities for employees, starting with the Black community. Access Commitment builds on our commitment to ensure our workforce reflects the communities we serve, support Black-owned businesses through grants or capital and supplier relationships, and support organizations working toward racial equity.

We continue to increase representation of women at leadership levels and people of color at all levels. In 2021, we expanded hiring practices to require the inclusion of at least one woman or person of color on interview slates for all roles. We also developed leadership cohorts and an executive sponsorship program for women and people of color leaders.

Our board is a leader among large companies in terms of board diversity, with a majority (nearly 60%) identifying as either female or people of color. Of the last five directors who have joined our board, three identify as people of color and three are women. In addition, our board has diverse leadership with 67% of the board committees chaired by women or people of color in 2021.

Through our business resource groups (BRGs), employees come together to discuss topics of interest, develop professional skills and build overall employee engagement. With chapters across our footprint, BRGs help create and sustain an inclusive workforce that propels accountability for diversity and inclusion at all levels within our organization.