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Tetsuo Ogawa
Tetsuo Ogawa
President and CEO

Toyota’s core foundation of showing Respect for People has served as our guiding light, and our policies and actions reflect these values. Our goal is to ensure that diversity, inclusion and racial and social justice apply equally to all, and we must continue doing what we can to make our communities a better place, now and for future generations.

Sandra Phillips Rogers
Sandra Phillips Rogers
Chief Diversity Officer and Chief Legal Officer

At Toyota, we remain steadfast in our belief in equity, respect and inclusivity for all people. As we experience historical transformation and take on rapidly changing business and societal challenges, the fundamentals of Toyota’s DNA are our guiding light as we further evolve toward our vision of mobility for all.

From The Company

Toyota is driving positive impact for our team members, suppliers, dealers, communities and stakeholders through our commitment to Diversity and Inclusion.

With a long history of showing respect for people, Toyota recognizes that an inclusive mindset paves the way for greater innovation, and encourages diversity of thought, experience and outlook. To meet its goal of mobility for all, Toyota also prioritizes opening access to opportunity. This includes continued support for workforce development, education investments and community partnerships.

Through the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic and the social justice movement, Toyota has further encouraged open dialogue, leaned into strong executive engagement and bolstered membership in over 100 employee resource groups at facilities across the country.

Harnessing the full power of Toyota’s commitment to an inclusive society, we are building toward a common goal: to create and sustain limitless possibilities for all.