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Ronald P. O'Hanley
Ronald P. O'Hanley
Chairman and CEO

We believe that diverse and inclusive workspaces are critical to achieving superior execution. If somebody believes that he, she or they do not belong, performance will be affected. Our clients rely on us to provide them with the best solutions that only the most diverse and innovative thinking can achieve.

Paul Francisco
Paul Francisco
Senior Vice President and Chief Diversity Officer

Inclusion, diversity and equity should no longer be abstract terms that companies use in a perfunctory way. These practices should be core to how all of our organizations do business, remain competitive and innovative while positively impacting communities. Our opportunities to succeed will be measured by our ability to maintain cultures where everyone feels that they belong, they matter and that they are treated fairly.

From The Company

State Street is honored to receive this designation and stand with the best in the industry.

Our inclusive and diverse culture defines who we are. With approximately 40,000 employees globally, we know our differences are what make us a stronger company. We are committed to developing an environment that offers equal opportunities to individuals with distinctive backgrounds and unique perspectives. There is belongingness in inclusion, growth in diversity and fairness in equity.

Inclusion and diversity are embedded in our values and culture. An inclusive culture and a diverse workforce make us stronger and more successful. In a fast-paced and evolving world, we make it a priority to ensure that all of our employees feel their identities and experiences are represented, embraced and celebrated.

Fostering an environment that encourages the authenticity of our employees is essential to our business. By educating, inspiring and empowering our employees at every level, we cultivate a global force of leaders that reflects the diverse markets we serve. That’s why we focus on attracting, hiring, developing and advancing talent of all kinds.

In July 2020, our Chairman and CEO introduced “10 State Street Actions” to address racism and inequality, with a focus on enhancing our Diversity and Inclusion program by building more equity through our processes and policies inclusive of learning, hiring and talent management. We’ve called for increased representation of Black and Latinx talent at the highest levels of our organization; increased investments through diverse vendors; anti-racism education for all employees; and partnering with the Global Advisors’ Asset Stewardship group to understand and adopt industry best practices — to name just a few of our initiatives.

The goal is clear: We must endeavor to end systemic racism in the communities where we live and work. We will continue to champion driving change to move forward in building an inclusive and diverse workplace.