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Steve Cahillane
Steve Cahillane
Chairman and CEO

At Kellogg, we are continually striving to be a best-in-class company for equity, diversity and inclusion. Our Better Days ESG strategy drives our ambition to create a culture that includes everyone, embraces differences and ensures equity. After all, people have always been our foremost priority. Our founder, Mr. Kellogg, famously said, I’ll invest my money in people. We embrace all kinds of diversity at Kellogg, including but not limited to diversity of thought… and diversity of people’s experiences. And we continually strive to be an inclusive workplace, where everyone is welcome to be their authentic selves and achieve their full potential.

Priscilla Koranteng
Priscilla Koranteng
Vice President, Global Talent and Chief Diversity Officer

Our ED&I strategy includes a focus on leadership commitment, training, talent development and advancement, leveraging partnerships and ensuring multicultural commercial strategies. We are leading with equity, which means we work to remove barriers to ensure our practices in the workplace, marketplace and communities are fair and consistent.

From The Company

Kellogg Company has acknowledged the institutional and systemic barriers that underrepresented populations face, especially when it comes to career and economic advancement — and the company is taking action to address those barriers.

The company focuses on driving tangible leadership commitments, ED&I learning solutions, talent development and strategic partnerships, and embedding a multicultural commercial strategy to achieve sustainable results and create an equitable environment for our employees.

During 2021, our ED&I highlights include:

  • An accelerated development program for Racially Underrepresented Talent at the management level launch
  • The continued work of our robust cohort of senior leaders empowered us to provide insight and recommendations on how to progress in racial equity in North America continually.
  • Comprehensive ED&I learning agenda for all company levels, including ‘Leading with Equity’ for Leadership Team and Web-based micro-learnings deployed to all employees.
  • Continue to champion Business Employee Resource Groups internally and foster external relationships that drove positive impact in the workplace, marketplace and community.
  • Supplier Diversity significant efforts, which included the allocation of $410,227,911 to Tier 1 diverse suppliers and $52,022,219 to Tier 2.
  • Commercial plans reflected Kellogg’s diverse employees and consumer base, leveraging insights, innovation, media assets, communications, experience plans and outlet execution.