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Alex Gorsky
Alex Gorsky
Chairman and CEO

For more than 134 years, a convergence of different cultures, backgrounds and ways of thinking has enabled Johnson & Johnson to deliver transformative healthcare solutions that drive successful business outcomes. We build on our longstanding mission to create a healthier world as well as a more inclusive and equitable one, and our commitment to DEI is a clear expression of that.

Wanda Bryant Hope
Wanda Bryant Hope
Chief DEI Officer

Society is demanding more from us as organizations, including greater transparency and accountability to accelerate DEI outcomes. We have a responsibility to meet this moment and drive change within our organizations and for society as a whole.

From The Company

At Johnson & Johnson, we treat Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) as we would any other business opportunity or challenge. We started by building a strategic plan, and then we completed an extensive situation assessment. This helped us to understand key insights internally and externally.

Those insights led to the development of our evidence-based enterprise strategy, which helps us to prioritize and disproportionately invest in the initiatives that drive differentiated outcomes.

Our DEI strategy focuses on three main areas:

  1. Enhancing our culture of inclusion
  2. Building a diverse and equitable workforce of the future
  3. Better connecting DEI to our businesses to drive innovation and growth

We have identified five critical success factors to help drive DEI outcomes at our company, which include:

  1. Having the right tone at the top. Our CEO and senior leaders demonstrate their commitment and drive Diversity, Equity and Inclusion as an organizational priority
  2. Embedding our evidence-based strategy into systems and processes to drive equity
  3. Implementing a strong communication and change management plan to engage all employees across our organization
  4. Measuring what we do to drive accountability
  5. Focusing on DEI long-term outcomes, not short-term activities and programs

In 2020, Johnson & Johnson committed $100 million over the next five years to close the health disparity gap by deploying our resources and expertise to provide equitable healthcare solutions for communities of color and forging partnerships and alliances that address racial and social health determinants.

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