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Maria Black headshot
Maria Black
President and CEO

At ADP, we firmly believe in our responsibility to enable global progress. That commitment is embedded across our organization. As we make strides toward creating a more diverse, equitable and inclusive workforce, we will continue to move forward with urgency and empathy. Through sustained leadership, collaboration and innovation, we can design a better world of work for generations to come.

Bob Lockett
Bob Lockett
Chief Diversity and Talent Officer

One of our guiding beliefs at ADP is that each and every associate has the potential and power to positively impact our business and shape the innovative solutions and exceptional service we offer. Within ADP and within the world of work, we are committed to creating workplaces where people can thrive as their authentic selves and raise the bar on their possibilities. Fostering such a culture is a continuous practice, and progress hinges on benchmarking ourselves. It’s only through this meaningful reflection that we can continue to advance progress.

From The Company

In 2021, ADP launched the Diversity & Inclusion Talent Task Force to ensure equitable representation at all leadership levels for under-represented talent. By enhancing our hiring process, we are more effectively sourcing, interviewing and hiring Black/African American, Hispanic and other under-represented talent. Further, we’ve aligned our career development programs, promotion practices and retention strategies to assist in closing any representation gaps.

We believe in embedding D&I principles throughout ADP’s business, from our policies to our products. ADP technology enables employers to measure progress. Workforce tools, like ADP DataCloud, deliver actionable insights and provide employers with greater visibility into their workforce. The Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Dashboard, for example, allows employers to compare metrics, identify gaps and make recommendations on where to make investments to strengthen their teams.

ADP also embraces our role in giving back to and generating a lasting, positive impact on the communities in which we work and live. We pledge to achieve net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 and we are developing a Paris Agreement-compliant climate transition plan that will include short, medium and long-term global goals towards this target.