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Richard A. Gonzalez
Richard A. Gonzalez
Chairman and CEO

Developing and bringing innovative, life-saving medicines to patients requires diverse thought and approaches. Bringing together experts from diverse backgrounds and thought is crucial to our ability to deliver today and into the future.

Rae Livingston
Rae Livingston
Chief Equity Officer

I am proud of what we’ve done, and there is even more to do to fully achieve the intent and desired outcomes of our Equity, Equality, Diversity and Inclusion vision. Sustaining an inclusive culture is about what we do every day – it’s not an event. This work isn’t always easy. We persevere because what we achieve inspires hope and transforms lives – every single day.

From The Company

At AbbVie, we’re enhancing engagement around the career and talent development of our diverse talent.

In 2021, we increased participation in our Executive Diversity Mentoring Program and launched a sponsorship program, building on our culture of mentorship with a lens toward equity, creating opportunities for talent of diverse backgrounds and experiences to be successful at AbbVie.We’re also driving an inclusive culture through awareness and understanding.

Each year, AbbVie employees and people leaders complete education to strengthen our AbbVie community and realize the full value of our diverse workforce. More than 90% of employees and senior leaders completed education in 2021.AbbVie is creating connections and community and building a sense of community, well-being and belonging.

2021 was the first year of our $50 million five-year philanthropic commitment to advance health and education equity in Black and historically underrepresented communities across the United States, setting a strong foundation for change.

In 2021, we saw a significant increase in overall membership in Employee Resource Groups and conducted a series of virtual employee voice sessions focused on enhancing workplace culture and advancing inclusion.Growing representation remains an important focus when it comes to our talent growth strategies, with an emphasis on underrepresented populations. We aim to leverage talent attraction and talent management for broader workforce representation to reflect the diversity of patients we serve worldwide.

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