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Robert B. Ford
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Diversity has long been at the heart of our business at Abbott, and we’re working to ingrain it not only into our own organization and culture, but also throughout healthcare. We’re taking action to increase health equity at every stage of the ecosystem, from our ability to innovate to clinical trials, from manufacturing and supply chain to access to care. There are 113,000 of us at Abbott around the world and we know the kind of difference we can make in people’s lives. We’re committed to bringing that same power to the work of expanding diversity, equity and inclusion within our company and to all we can influence.

Mary Moreland
Executive Vice President, Human Resources

People work at Abbott because they are passionate about our powerful purpose: helping billions of people around the world live more fully through good health. We need diverse teams to foster the innovation needed to achieve that mission. That’s why we strive to maintain and grow our inclusive culture, allowing everyone to feel welcome and empowered to bring their whole selves to work.

From The Company

Diversity has been part of the Abbott story since our earliest days as a company, but its importance has grown over time. As a global healthcare leader operating in more than 160 countries, diversity is not only a moral virtue – it’s a business necessity.

Across Abbott we believe that diversity fuels creativity. Creativity drives innovation. Innovation produces life-changing technologies. And none of it can flourish without a climate of equity and inclusion. Abbott is building a diverse, innovative workforce for tomorrow, giving employees the opportunity to change people’s lives for the better while living their best lives personally and professionally.

Any conversation about diversity, equity and inclusion at Abbott starts with our people. Thanks to their efforts we’ve made progress. Yet we continue to push for more, with the goal of infusing inclusion so deeply into our culture that it is the natural way things get done at Abbott, both internally and in our partnerships with others.

One strong example of these efforts is our initiative to drive diversity in medical research and improve care among underrepresented populations. Announced in 2021, this program includes $5 million to fund nearly 300 scholarships over the next five years to support the next generation of ethnically diverse nurses, doctors and researchers.