Comcast NBCUniversal Presents New ‘Color of Freedom’ Exhibit at Military Women’s Memorial

Originally published at Comcast NBCUniversal ranked No. 7 on The DiversityInc Top 50 Companies for Diversity list in 2020.


Women of color have a rich legacy of strengthening the United States military and defending our country’s freedom, but their stories have gone largely untold.

To elevate servicewomen voices, Comcast NBCUniversal is honored to support the Women In Military Service For America Memorial Foundation and the opening of its newest exhibit, “The Color of Freedom: Honoring the Diversity of America’s Servicewomen.”

The exhibit opens to the public on March 6 at the Military Women’s Memorial in Arlington, VA and highlights the contributions of military women of color who have served in the U.S. Armed Forces throughout American history.

“This exhibit is a perfect example of the extraordinary, yet untold story of the thousands of women of color who for decades upon decades have made remarkable contributions to our military and to America,” said Phyllis Wilson, President at the Women In Military Service For America Memorial Foundation. “The array of stories of determination and triumph, despite challenges of race and gender, are truly inspirational.”

The exhibit showcases the stories of military servicewomen of color along with unique items from the Military Women’s Memorial, the nation’s leading memorial and education center honoring women’s contributions to the nation’s defense.

In addition to the physical exhibit, the Military Women’s Memorial’s future plans are to deliver servicewomen of color stories through K-12 educational programming, a speaker forum, a traveling exhibit and a virtual experience.

“Women veterans of color have and will continue to play an integral role in our nation’s military,” said Brig. Gen. (Ret.) Carol Eggert, Senior Vice President of Military & Veteran Affairs at Comcast NBCUniversal. “We’re proud to elevate their voices and stories of service to our nation’s defense.”

Comcast NBCUniversal’s servicewomen of color employees have expressed what the exhibit’s significance means for them.

“As a woman of color, seeing women that look like me being recognized and celebrated makes me feel proud and speaks to the progress that continues to be made,” said Charelle Strahan, U.S. Marine Corps veteran and Guest Reception Manager at NBCUniversal.

Davida Riggins, Carrier Services Operations Manager, Comcast Business, added that seeing women veterans of color being honored gives even more importance to her service.

“I’m a proud African American Army veteran,” she said. “Being a female veteran has taught me how to apply myself, embrace change, uplift others, and pay it forward. The exhibit demonstrates a true appreciation of the sacrifices and adversity that servicewomen of color have faced while also celebrating their leadership.”

Along with the “Color of Freedom” exhibit, the memorial recently launched its National Registration Campaign to document the service of all women who have served in and with the U.S. Armed Forces.

The register is the nation’s only historical repository documenting women’s service and is open for all servicewomen, women veterans, and family and friends of women veterans to document their service through the memorial’s digital platform. The goal is to register 100,000 servicewomen stories into the database by the end of 2021.

Jackie Chang, an Army veteran and Senior Director, Customer Management at Peacock, said she is proud to share her own military experiences with the memorial, especially when only one percent of our nation’s population will ever wear a uniform.

“Being a military veteran means finding ways to build bridges between the military community and civilians. This registry enshrines our service and offers a way for others to learn more about the amazing accomplishments of women veterans.”

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