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Comcast NBCUniversal Celebrates the Spirit of the Latinx Community During Hispanic Heritage Month

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In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, which begins September 15, Comcast is curating thousands of hours of programming and a unique virtual experience that will provide opportunities for families and individuals of all ages to learn about the Hispanic culture and its traditions, celebrate this special community, and share their stories with others.

“2020 has been a year defined by our nation’s common drive to power through adversity with a relentless fighting spirit, which is colloquially known in the Hispanic community as echando pa’lante, or moving forward,” said José Vélez Silva, VP, Multicultural Marketing. “The activities we have planned for Hispanic Heritage Month will offer a space to highlight the Hispanic culture, celebrate stories of resilience and accomplishment, while also providing customers a chance to share their own stories, in their own voices.”

Here are some of the ways we will be celebrating this special month with our customers.

Xfinity TV Hispanic Heritage Month Collections: “Echando pa’lante juntos” and Free Preview Week. Just say ‘Latino’ into your Xfinity Voice Remote.

In its most literal sense, echando pa’lante juntos means ‘moving forward together.’ However, on a deeper, more emotional level, pa’lante is an expression used to encourage resilience and persistence in one another, especially in times of hardship.

For this year’s Hispanic Heritage Month, we’ve curated content that tells the stories of those who have moved pa’lante, forging a path for generations to follow. It highlights the origins, trajectory and achievements of the Hispanic community, and celebrates the legends as well as new voices of inspiration. Some of the highlights include: Trailblazers and Game Changers, Stories of Immigration, Groundbreaking Filmmakers, Music Legends, Afro-Latino & Afro-Taino Pride, Oscar Winners, Emmy Winners and more. All content can be found within the Latino destination of Xfinity On Demand or simply by saying “Latino” into the bilingual Xfinity Voice Remote.

From September 15 to September 21, Xfinity customers can also enjoy free access to thousands of On Demand choices in Spanish ranging from blockbuster movies, hit telenovelas, binge-worthy series, family friendly entertainment and more, from networks like Pantaya, Cine Latino, ViendoMovies, Cine Sony, HBO, Kanal D Drama, Pasiones, RCN Novelas, Discovery en Español, History en Español, Freeform, V-me Kids, and Cartoon Network en Español.

Xfinity customers can also access the Free Preview Week content across platforms including X1 and Flex and across devices via Xfinity Stream (content may vary by platform) within the Latino destination of Xfinity On Demand or by saying “Latino” into the Voice Remote.

Xfinity Launches New “Fabric of America” Digital Flag Activation

Our celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month will also provide an online space where visitors can share their own stories of strength, resilience and inspiration in their own voices.

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These personal stories will be showcased via a web-based, 3D digital American flag, where participants can upload their stories and contribute to a living, breathing, and moving visual experience. All voices, each a soundwave, will become digital threads that form the fabric of this 3D American flag, which will serve as a tribute to the diversity of America and a visual representation of the of individuals and families who are moving the country pa’lante and are contributing to the fabric of America.

The flag, which will be accessible starting on September 21, is the centerpiece of Xfinity’s larger Hispanic Heritage Month marketing campaign, which celebrates the sentiment and spirit of echando pa’lante juntos (moving forward together), never taking a step back, and acknowledging and appreciating those who have paved the way for others.

Comcast NBC Universal is a company that celebrates, honors, and respects the rich heritage of the communities we serve. To learn more about our long-standing commitment to diversity inclusion,

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