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CEO of Goodwill Raked In Almost $730,000 in Salary While Paying Employees with Disabilities Pennies’s petition to stop Goodwill Industries from exploiting its employees with disabilities with an 80-year-old law for subminimum wages has gone viral with over 220,000 signatures.

Outed by the petition and an NBC expos five years ago that reported workers’ wages being as little as $0.58 an hour, the $3 billion nonprofit’s company-wide practices have yet to change. Current company reviews on “Greedwill” also reveal their below minimum wage injustices.

Exceeding $400,000 (and in one case up to $1.3M) in individual salary for 23 regional CEOs, according to Omaha World Herald, Goodwill clearly could afford to do better for their employees. The bad publicity and hypocrisy is tearing the company apart.

Regional CEOs have been dropping like flies since 2013 (Omaha, Nevada, Southeastern Pennsylvania, and Western Missouri/Eastern Kansas, to name a few), and as of April of this year, international CEO Jim Gibbons, a man with a disability himself who earned almost $730,000, has left the company “to pursue other options.”

Over 200,000 workers with disabilities in the U.S. are still paid subminimum wage. “Disability went from a medical issue which makes it seem as something to be cured before full equality to a civil rights issue,” says Carol Glazer, president of the National Organization on Disability.’s petition (started by the National Federation of the Blind and the Autistic Self Advocacy Network) is increasing momentum behind changing the law.

The Fair Labor Standards Act currently allows employers, via 14c certificates, to pay those with disabilities rates below federal minimum wage. A push is underway for certificates to be eliminated and a competitive integrative model and community resources to be part of the replacement initiative. Incentives for businesses are also being considered by legislators as a way to break the outdated business practices.

The Southeastern PA branch of Goodwill, whose CEO was fired, has reportedly transitioned its business model to impact the employees of their thrift stores with fairer practices. So perhaps the next appointed international CEO can mandate the regions of the company to do it.

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  1. John Cottrell

    Im not going to comment on the validity or if there is or is nor any bias feelings from the author of this article but what I would like to say is that while many charities, non- profits do have problems they also serve great purpose. This doesn’t mean that there aren’t things that shouldn’t be looked at and improved upon. I challenge everyone to make thier own opinions based on thier own research and validating the information, where it came from, and how it was interpreted or recieved. Please don’t believe it just because it’s written with an intelligent and articulate vocabulary and what are said to be facts. In the end if this is true, it needs to be addressed, but before we send out a which hunt to complete ruin the integrity of a company that does so much for so many please do you due diligence.

  2. Andrew L Leister-Frazier

    $0.58 per hour for someone of disabilities, how did they arrive upon that figure? That’s an illegal wage in the United States, if they means to say Goodwill pays above minimum wage and due to SSDI adjustments the figure translates to something like $0.58 an hour, that isn’t the fault of GoodWill, really it’s a tricky subject to determine how much disability benefits are paid out to disabled people who have a job. Also Goodwill is a 3 billion dollar organization, the CEO makes $700,000. Not really a scandal. CEO of big brothers big sisters takes in like 2% of revenues if this CEO were to do that, I think instead of him paying himself $700,000 it would be more like 60,000,000, that is if he paid himself as much as many other CEO’s of charitable organizations it would amount to sixty million dollars or over 80 times what he currently pays himself.

    • Considering I used to work in their contracts division and k ow first hand that the Industries employees with disabilities got crap wages, yes it’s TRUE, and no it wasnt offset because of SSDI, SSI or any other disability related funding… is because they refuse to pay a decent wage to the workers with disabilities, who often times worked harder and better than those without disabilities.

  3. It’s my understanding that some of these employees wages are partially subsidized by government programs, very similar to the way other employers like grocery stores, etc. give jobs to handicapped people. Plus, some people working at Goodwill are not fully functioning workers. They have a good heart and a desire to work, but most employers can’t hire them because their abilities are so limited. Laws often permit businesses to pay handicapped people less money and the government subsidizes the rest. One way of looking at it is that Goodwill hires the people that nobody else will.

    As for the CEO… if you personally had the skill set and qualifications to be a CEO, would you work somewhere for wages set below your pay grade, or would you just go work for a regular company that paid you what you what you’re worth in the private market? Would YOU be willing to quit whatever your job is, where you are paid competitively for your skills, and instead go be paid a fraction of what you’re worth at Goodwill? Not many people would be willing to do that. So, really, Goodwill as an organization would probably have a hard time getting a qualified CEO unless the salary was there. I just think it’s fair to look at both sides of a thing.

    • The problem though is that those that are hired at goodwill, typically are unable to find employment because of their disability- even being told that to their face and then something else on paper- and yes I speak from first hand knowledge… likewise, you have the coordinators assisting to find employment- which since they often times know they can use people with disabilities in places like goodwill- they hire through those means….problem there is that they also make it so promotions are impossible, where a qualified disabled person is overlooked because of disability and written off with very few exceptions from the supervisor levels to where the upper management will side with discrimination and then try and say it’s for a differing reason. I.e. saying a person with a flawless record and only commendations in their work history in the company being told they aren’t the right fit in the job they worked previously in a completely different area because they filed a valid complaint to which the upper management covered up in retaliation.

  4. More leftwing radical lies. Go to to learn the truth.

    • Don’t see why every little bit of nonsense is perpetrated by the left, trump is the one started all this “The Fake Media” B’s, he’s also the one that constantly lies to the American people on a daily basis, and this is not what dems, liberals, or even progressives do, their all about trying to find ways to help better everyone and not just a select few. You should read up on what real men and women whether they be Dems or repubs and you’ll find that not everyone in public office is corrupt and in it for the money but your boy trump that’s all he’s about. One just has to ask themselves “If he’s supposed to be president of the United States, why in the hell is he sending firemen to battle fires burning in Russia, rather than sending them to California, just who’s payroll is trump on” And if you think he isn’t in it for the money, because everyone knows trump could careless about anyone except himself, do some reading, books by people who love trump but they’ll agree he doesn’t do anything, nothing, not one damn thing for nobody unless he gets PAID FOR IT

    • Why? I know it’s the truth because I personally experienced it.

  5. I do not know if this is true but someone told me that Goodwill Industries is selling franchises to old loyal employees. This could be the reason why GWI policies between regions and areas are totally differents. Beside when you try to find out where Goodwill Headquarters is located, no store manager will tell you. They only will refer you to the local office of the Regional Manager and if you call there, they will never give you the information you request. It is as the information about the headquarters was confidential.

  6. Biggest Con artist scammer, makes Jimmy Swaggert look like a choir boy

  7. The main concern here is a CEO receiving this huge salary. Seriously, what is he actually doing to earn this obscene amount of money?

  8. Goodwill fixes prices high. Some articles come from dollar store priced at $3.00 or more. Maybe a tea party? And he’s getting richer off the publics donations to the disadvantaged.

  9. You all forget that the disabled get social security on top of their wages, if they make over a certain amount then they have to pay taxes. My dad was retired and working as a bagger at a local grocery store. He had to cut his hours to zero the last few weeks in December. There are many factors when paying disabled on SS. Working at GW is more of a way to help them learn, get out of the house, give their parents or care givers a a break, and let them contribute to society.

    • Sorry.. not all people who work at Goodwill are disabled and receiving disability checks. Many are just poor people down and out of their luck receiving minimum wage or less . Know what you are talking about! Anyway.. that shouldn’t give these business the right to screw ALL ITS EMPLOYEES WHILE GIVING THEMSELVES BIG SALARIES..

      • You should also check your facts.

        Do you know that not all lower paid employees also are receiving a disability check?

        Why else would they agree to work for less than minimum wage?

    • I think training people with disabilities and helping them become productive members of society is good,. I do not know how the dissbilty pay and limitions that they are allowed to receive works. Is Goodwill abusing the system or taking advantage of cheap labor ? (Maybe) But we all can choose to work for who and what amount they offer or not, we are not forced to work there. I do believe the CEO makes too much for an organization that is supposed to help others. Prices are high on a lot of donated items but so is the rent for those buildings.
      Again we have the choice to work for a lower wage and also if we want to pay that price for a particular item.

    • I am disabled, work at a thrift store, and do NOT recieve SS or disability. Making a living wage literally makes SS or disability payments less necessary.

    • David Vander Loop

      I have gone through goodwill as a disabled man myself. I am now a college graduate. Sure their mission of helping get the disabled skilled to become employed in the community was a good way to project themselves to gain some breaks. I have been through their programs & have experienced the failure of the system firsthand. Since they are receiving government money, & breaks. It might be a wise move to have a disabled member of the government be planted to see if they are living up to their promises. It could almost be viewed as a modern form of slavery!

    • Ummmm no…..if they are on SSDI, they are alloted a specific monthly amount, if they go over they run the risk of being kicked off, not they have to pay taxes….

      You have to pay taxes regardless, and that monthly allowance that the social security office stipulates? Is not even enough to put you into a state of poverty.

  10. Give to a Black owned organization:

  11. I work for the Salvation Army, if you only knew some thing that took place. Pay rate for the hard worker, and pay rate for the one who run thing. Donation that just set there and go out of date, I throw in trash, when there a lot of hunger people out there that could used it. Your best bet is to find a good church that do care about people.

    • Long ago GW stopped to be a no profit org. These giant scam charity company made the last year over 4 BILLION dollars and still they do not have any important charity work justifying what Goodwill CEOs are doing with all that huge profit. Especially for a company that get for free every stuff they put for sale and making worst the things, GW doesn’t pay any taxes

  12. How maddening!!! I am a disabled working mom and wife. I hold a few pieces of papers and lots of $$ in education…. This exact reason is why I do not speak of my disability! My disability does not define me but when I am down & out I am down for he count until I find a resolution. Wake up America!! Working People who have Disabilities is not uncommon & deserve the pay just as the uppers do! Often critiqued & low balled, I see the unfairness all the time!

  13. What’s new NISH Contractors have been making millions off federal government contracts for years from food service to janitorial. These companies will team with one person who is handicap and employed a few hamdicap on the site. These are NO BID government contracts at 2 times the going rate and we the tax payer are footing the bill. Same as the great 8A program for AA

  14. Now what is not being mentioned is the workers who are not disable. They are the ones that should be getting higher wages. See the disabled are getting a disability check so they are make double to triple the monthly income a non disabled person is making!! Fix the problem of helping not the poor. The disabled are being payed out double to triple the average worker!! I make more than my head manager!! So they problem is not taking care of the disabled it’s the average American !! Please take note !!

    • Sorry.. not all people who work at Goodwill are disabled and receiving disability checks. Many are just poor people down and out of their luck receiving minimum wage or less . Know what you are talking about! Anyway.. that shouldn’t give these business the right to screw ALL ITS EMPLOYEES WHILE GIVING THEMSELVES BIG SALARIES..

    • No if someone get’s a disability check the government cuts from their paychecks.They don’t get double or triple of anything.You need to go read about it.You can’t make above that disability check especially if people are getting SSI.
      SSI is for people who have no income at all and have a disability.

    • I have no idea where you got your information but it’s not realistic.

      If a person is getting a disability check, every penny earned is counted as money that the government doesn’t have to pay in a disability check to them.

      In other words: I’m disabled. When I tried to work – and made about $200 a month, my disability benefits were reduced by the exact amount of money that I’d earned working.

      The laws have changed since I tried working, but not by much. I think you can now work and make a ‘few dollars’, and keep your entire check, but not much. And, if you think living on around $700.00 per month is easy, think again. I get SSI benefits, the lowest disability available, yet, I’m getting the full available amount for a single handicapped person. (SSD recipients receive slightly more.)

      A full time employee, ONLY getting paid minimum wage, earns about $1120 per month, before taxes. (7hrx160) That’s almost $500 more per month than what I have to live on.

      So, whoever fed you the lie that disabled people are actually getting rich… you might not want to believe anything else they tell you.

  15. Do I agree with someone being paid less than $1 an hr in this country? No, but why do people blindly believe every article without using their own brains? ….as we ALL should know, disabled individuals receiving assistance cannot continue to work if they are pulling in too much money in addition to their provided benefits….I’m sure this played a large role in the system set up by Goodwill (while it may be outdated by now in ways, I certainly can’t claim to know) I highly doubt it was purposely in place to belittle people with disabilities. In addition, I also don’t agree with the people stating that CEO’s should not be paid accordingly. If you are in charge of an entire company or a large portion of it you clearly have much larger responsibilities and should be compensated accordingly. People are way too quick to cry injustices……People don’t work for free and if this article was about him being underpaid, all these comments would be about discrimination instead ….

  16. Christine McIlhenny

    Joe Hill.: Salvation Army is not the same as Goodwill!
    Their employees from the top down, all get the same rate of pay!
    Furthermore, each Salvation Army uses its donations to help in their own cities and communities!
    Before lumping them in with Goodwill, do your homework! In my town, the Salvation Army operates a homeless facility for men as well as a shelter for women and children of abuse and in hiding from violent men! It doesn’t stop there either there are many more programs including disaster relief and feeding the hungry!
    The Salvation Army is the oldest Community/National organizing dedicated to helping the down trodden a victims of abuse and disaster in our country! There is a reason for that! It’s because the work they do is honest, and benefits millions!
    Christine McIlhenny

  17. I’ve never seen a disabled person working at Goodwill EVER!!! Their prices are a little high, helps cover the cost of dumpsters for the garbage people drop off. No body works for free, would you? Shop retail if you don’t like it. People donate out of the GOODness of their heart and hopes it WILL help others.

  18. Allan Brooks

    Lately, I have noticed large price increases in Good Will’s pricing, especially clothing. This country has so many poor people- and it seems to be getting worse- and yet Good Will industries, a for profit company I assume, has the audacity to jerk the poor around by upping their prices and they get their products for free. Pretty sorry! It’s called “GREED”. From now on they’ll never get a donation from me until they repent and treat the poor and needy how they should.

  19. Evelyn Cooper

    I use to donate to Goodwill on a regular basis. I am raising three kids so a lot of clothes , toys and electronics. However I donate nothing to them. I had a friend in need of a vacuum, I bought it took it home cleaned it up. Only to realize there was no hose. I was told hold your reciept. You have five days to return it. Next day I was treated like trash by the supervisor. I too will now put my stuff at the curb. Post it on a yard sale group for pick up. 700,000.00 a year? Really? What an asshole. So who are we helping anyway. Goodwill will be a no for me.

    • CEO of a major corporation on just makes $717,000 not the $730,000 as claimed.

      88% of all donations go out to programs and it cost only $5 for them to raise $100.

      Goodwill has an A rating with

  20. My son works at a sheltered workshop. Not Goodwill, but a sheltered workshop. I DO NOT want him paid minimum wage. If he makes too much money he loses his other benefits. I want him to continue to be picked up every day and kept busy. If people keep bitching about what they pay these guys he will only be able to work a couple of days a week and he wants to work and be out with other people. It’s like social security. If he makes too much while on disability benefits he will lose them. The CEO is another issue. i wish he made less. But don’t tie it to what they pay.

  21. Both The Salvation Army and Goodwill have gotten way, too big for their britches- but fleecing their employees with below minimum wage incomes is both crooked and damned disgusting! people should boycott these two companies to send them the unmistakable message that their employees need to pay rent and bills, too- and paying them unrealistic wages is not the answer! this Goodwill CEO needs an ass-kicking for allowing his greed to factor so heavily at the expense of these minimum wage slaves is totally inhuman-and unacceptable! if any of these people are smart, they should form a group and lead protests against their stores to send CEO big shots like this character, who’s done enough to earn his company’s name, “Greedwill”!

    • Is there any evidence that they are paying below minimum wage to any employee who actually pays rent or bills?

    • I understand Salvation CEO only makes #$12,000.00, the lowest of all the “non-profits”.

    • You’re right. These stores are supposed to help people that don’t have a lot of money. But I have seen them, BOTH STORES, Mark up prices on clothing and furniture so high that it makes me sick. And they wonder why the CEO’s get paid so? Stop over pricing clothing and giving them the money. These people need to remember where they came from. Where their families came from and take a look at where their employees are going through to work for them for pennies a day. I didn’t think it was legal to pay anyone anything but minimum wage anyway no matter where they worked? I thought that was a law? I have seen those posters up in every place I have worked.

    • Salvation Army is one of the best organizations. We’ve had nothing but the best from them. Second, 85 to 90% of monies they receive goes directly to the programs they support to help those in need. The 10% they keep is for over head cost to keep the necessary top employees which run the business.
      Salvation Army is a good charity to support.

    • bonnie Faulkner

      It’s a sad thing is that your phrase of “if these people are smart” hits it on the head.
      Unfortunately many of them need advocates so they aren’t take advantage of.

  22. Retired Federal employee while i was working i gave through the CFC, it’s the United Way for federal employees. They have a booklet with code numbers to designate where your money goes, it also gives what % is administrative cost for each organization. I tried to pick local organizations that had an administrative cost of less than 15% of every dollar recieved. Goodwill was far down on that list. Hell Walmart and Target employees do more than i could find out about goodwill training programs locally.

  23. Giving to your local mission and churches help more than giving to Salvation army and definitely more than giving to Good Will.

  24. MaryLou Winter

    Know all knows why I’d rather put things in my front yard FREE rather than the Goodwill, Salvation Army, United Way, Someone usually pockets most of the money. The rich get richer

    • Annie Aardvark

      First of all minimum wage should be done away with and let the market demand wages. I know all you geniuses will scream but if you know econ 101 that will make prices go down and wages go up.
      Regardless, if employers are forced to pay minimum wage to employees with severe mental disabilities, they will STOP giving them jobs. Not everyone deserves 11.00 per hour or whatever. You start at bottom and WORK your way up. I know WORK is a four letter word and a novel idea to some. Capitalism WORKS, socialism DESTROYS nations.

  25. Goodwill is to high on there stuff I work there and don’t pay a worker enough to do what they want u to do so I don’t take nothin to Goodwill they go thur the stuff before they put it out so if they want it

    • My mother in law works there and they have her a 3 cent raise for 8 years on the job… Goodwill is run by a bunch of shysters.

  26. Brenda Prodoehl

    I worked for Goodwill for 4 years in MN. I have only good things to say about them. Wages are very good, benefits are awesome and I loved my job as a full time processor. Yes the donated items sometimes were marked up, but nothing too out of this world. Our Goodwill had many disabled employees. They were all treated with the upmost respect and they were a delight to work with. They took such pride everyday in their jobs. Yes the CEO’s probably made lots of money off the donated goods at each store, but the business helped sooo many people with so many different needs that all the employees at my store just were happy with making an honest wage and making so many wonderful friendships with everyone including all the donates.

    • Rebecca Taylor

      Sorry, but you sound like one of the CEO’s undercover writing this. I have never ever talked to a goodwill employee who was paid fairly or treated with respect. Just saying.

      • You, Rebecca Taylor, sound paranoid, at best. Why would a CEO be writing comments ‘undercover’!?

        The Goodwill stores I’ve shopped at had happy employees who, for the most part, all seemed to enjoy their jobs. Furthermore, my roommate worked there and loved it. They paid more than minimum wage, gave regular raises, etc.

      • I agree totally with your post. Brenda´s comment seems more a Goodwill troll than a real person.

    • Salvation Army administration CEO makes about 13,000 a year the St Jude children Hospital is the best charity !!

    • Marie, Las Vegas NV.

      OMG… so they should just be happy they are making friends??? Pretty sure , no I know they could pay a descent wage. Give me a break… they are in the business of helping people while making money but the can’t follow through with their own workers?? That’s not only wrong but seems to be disingenuous to their supposedly caring and business names. GOODwill and SALVATION army.

  27. The Goodwill is a for Profit organization/company But so are so many others just look at what all the CEO’s make for the nonprofit companies the majority of them are paid very high very little of the money Goes back into the Community Yes and the football players and the baseball players in soccer players and so on and so forth do earn too much money you can’t even afford to go to a game the price of a ticket is so high also the owners of their companies Rake in way too much money , It’s like the saying goes the rich get richer the poor get poor and then those in between just try to live and it’s getting harder to find the difference between the rich and the poor there is very few in between anymore

  28. I was blessed with assistance and retraining in several areas of my life after losing my nursing career to a car accident that caused major physical limitations and a traumatic brain injury.
    They are the reason i can live independently again.
    I do, however, agree on the merchandise pricing. They are a thrift store not an antique store and need to have price points to suit their business.
    I will continue to shop there because I know their money is used for many great programs in my community.

    • There are alot of problems with Goodwill. Their upper level administration making exorbitant salaries is only one. However, there are many individual Goodwill’s that have very good programs in place for adults with disabilities. Our Traumatically Brain Injured adult daughter goes to a very good educational, vocational Goodwill program in Ft Myers FL, that she really loves. She has to pay $20 for the 2 times a week she attends, out of her SSI, which is a good deal for the quality of the program but a lot, coming out of an SSI check. Since Goodwill has so much money, it would be great if programs like this were free for adults with disabilities.

      Another thing this article does not address, which Goodwill, and other programs that serve adults with disabilities are very aware of, are the strict income limits placed on those receiving SSI and other government funding for disabled folks. While it sounds much more fair and respectful toward disabled employees for Goodwill to pay them minimum wage, for those on SSI and other income based benefits, they could lose $50,000-$100,000+ a year in income, health care and daily services they desperately need, if they worked full time, even one month, at minimum wage. There are programs to allow disabled employees a period of time to earn more, while still getting benefits but, as far as I know, these programs have time limits. In our daughters case, if she were even capable of doing this, eventually she would be working at a full time, minimum wage job but she would lose her SSI, Medicare, Medicaid, supported living coach, behavioral management coach, the fantastic program she is living in, etc,etc. This is about $60,000 a year in services that neither she, nor we, could ever dream of affording. Folks with disabilities should make minimum wage, like everyone else, but the state and federal legislators need to change the income limits on benefits, first.

    • Goodwill does not give anything to the community they are in, unlike Volunteers of America or Salvation Army. The man that started the company had the foresight to think of the name. I donate nothing there nor do I shop there.

      • In my area they have open weekly workshops for people to learn how to fill out applications, do their taxes, apply for all sorts of things, etc. Free of charge.

        And I’m pretty sure it’s a national thing.

  29. Linda H Wood

    I always gave to Salvation Army until my sister said Goodwill trained people so that they could move up in life and get jobs. Some of their prices are too high for the needy. I did not know that it trained people with disabilities so that they could work. Their basic needs are already taken care of by their disability income. I can see, depending on the disability a person has, how it could be more valuable to some than the actual money they earn. It would help their self esteem. They would have the feeling that they are able to contribute to an endeavor that is helping people get affordable clothes. They would benefit from more contact and interaction with people. I am torn on this one. I always liked Salvation Army. My parents supported Salvation Army. Would like to hear from people who have trained with Goodwill and moved on to other work and moved upward. Would like to hear from people who have worked for and in Salvation Army.

    • I volunteered most of my life in the salvation army. Unfortunately a lot of the good we do is based on what local areas permit us to do and how much they help us in doing it. Usually we dont need financial backing and that we do get we return to the community. We dont get government assistance (to an extent, we have so.much we get to give to pay light Bill’s and such but not a lot)we count on private donations. Some areas have worked a hard and really built up support in the community to do some wonderful things. For example, in charlotte we have a work release program with our thrift stores that allow prisoners leaving prison and those in halfway houses a job at our thrift store. They take on various tasks and have pretty strict oversight. Most salvation armys do at least have a community service program set up but what Charlotte does is the most extensive. As long as they are doing good and not fleecing anyone, I’m glad for whatever they can do to impact a community.

  30. Bonnie volovar

    I shop at Goodwill but will not donate anything or ” round up” because of the paltry wages they pay their employees. They charge. Too much for donated items. The CEO’s clean up. Goodwill for who?

  31. Kathleen Marion

    The CEO of the Goodwill name is Jim Gibbons, he is totally blind and gets a state stipend which the person who created this erroneous garbage has included in his compensation as CEO. They have also included his vacation and sick time as monetary compensation along with special adaptive needs for his disability required by the America’s with disabilities act which every employer with a disabled employee is required to provide and is not considered compensation. However with a total income for Goodwill industries at $56,975,497 they are well within their 25% administrative costs including his compensation at that level. The main sources of income are donations through United Way and other financial donations. Additionally, the goal of Goodwill is to train disabled people to gain marketable skills to get jobs. The thrift store provides opportunities to learn several aspects of business for disabled people from organization, repair, handling money, etc. Goodwill pays their thrift store employees anywhere from $8 to $15 an hour for regular employees. Since the goal of Goodwill is to provide job training many, in the training programs, work in the Goodwill thrift stores while collecting SSI. Under SSI many cannot receive an additional income but can receive some small compensation until they are able to be fully employable. Goodwill trains them in all aspects of store operations including some repair of items.

    • Can’t speak to the CEO issues but can speak to “teaching” marketable skills. The Goodwill Industry donation pick ups are limited to items that are salable ‘as is’. Nominal cleaning, no repairs.

    • Five Billions is the net profit that GWI earned in 2017. Not bad for an organization that claims to be charitable but that does not have a single important social work in the entire territory of the US that can justify that title and the condition of tax exemption. I cannot understand how GWI CEOs can justify where the huge profits are going while the government continues ignoring the facts due to the thousands of dollars that GWI executives funnel to local, state and federal politicians in political contributions. By the way. GWI argues that they train people of low education, seniors, minorities and disabled people. . Well, Mcdonald’s Restaurants do something similar. They also train their workers, give them scholarships, pay them a decent salary with certain benefits, but there is something else. We have to remind that McDonald pays for the Buns, the hamburgers, the tomatoes, and the fries they sell … Instead, Goodwill gets everything for free. But there is still something else. McDonalds pays local, state and federal taxes. Goodwill doesn’t pay a penny in taxes.

  32. They are greedy & they don’t give back to the community!
    I drop all my donations off at Salvation Army …I don’t donate to goodwill anymore!

  33. Do some research and see where else Goodwills money goes. You’ll be surprised. My husband works for GEI (Goodwill Education Initiatives) a branch of Goodwill – The Excel Center. An adult high school for students aged 17 to any age older, to finish getting their high school diploma (core 40 AND with the possibility of earning dual college credits and certifications like medical coding and billing, higher tech, cna etc) ALL FREE FOR THE STUDENT AND FUNDED BY GOODWILL.

  34. How about firing all the big bosses and pay all the workers minimum wage was $703, 000 I’m pretty sure you could do that

  35. In SC, they duplicate services already provided by state agencies. They should be assisting with other things needed but not available or provided.

  36. Harlan Huff

    What burns me most about Goodwill is, everything is donated for free, but they mark up higher prices on brand name merchandise. The whole point of shopping Goodwill is to get the bargain price regardless of brand or style. Goodwill does not pay extra for name brand items, why should customers have to pay more?

    • Pricing on wares is based on various parameters including appearance (is it soiled? How used is it), functionality, disassembled, whole, brand and popularity. A Bose system might be priced much higher than a Panasonic system of similar wattages. And certainly a new item (still in package) will be priced higher than the same item in used condition.
      Some staff members are not as diligent when it comes to pricing and there is no actual set in stone guidelines that are followed at every location.
      The vast majority of money generated goes back to the community at large. Please feel free and check out all the services offered at your local Goodwill Job Connections office.

  37. I worked in a college kitchen and we had a disabled guy that would come in and scrub pans for 3 hours a day. He might only wash 2 or 3 pans in that time and he only made a couple dollars an hour but the joy he felt that he had a job was priceless. He was on disability and lived in an assisted living facility so all his needs were met. I dont agree with paying people 58 cents an hour and I know that Goodwill does not have good standards but I also dont think that demanding they make minimum wage thus not getting a job at all is the right thing to do either.

  38. They are not running a charity store. They take what people give them and sell it for full profit. To go to the ceo’s.

  39. My mom has worked for Goodwill for nearly 16 years and she said they start folks out at $9.00 per hour and the benefits are good! They give bonuses and raises as they should. They have educational programs as well.

    • Something seems a little….crooked about this….. 😉

    • Goodwill helps ex offenders obtain clothes and supplies necessary to get back to work. They also provide them job training, resume writing, and job referrals. It is a training program not a primary employer. I have personally witnessed the good they do.

  40. I am so disgusted. How could Goodwill do this? 😢

  41. Kathy Holcomb

    I am so done with Goodwill!

  42. Bonnie knight

    When you try to help someone with disabilities while working for Easter seals and you get fired. Helping a client so they don’t get burnt and you get told and fired for supposedly telling the client no you can’t have it. Which is not what happened at all. Either the client would be burnt or choke because he eats to fast. I tried stopping him from getting burnt on a burrito that had just came out of microwave after 5 minute cooking time on high heat. I feel like was railroaded after 9.5 yrs of service.

  43. in South carolina they offer a discount card to veterans and the aged in florida they don’t recognize these cards and don’t give anyone a break on their donated merchandise and are also overpriced on most items neither does habitat for humanity

    • Billie Perdue

      They will now ask you to round up to the dollar on your total to help. Pfft

      • The prices are what piss me off the most. Get it for free and sell it for retail. Bunch of crap. I also knew about the wages for the big bosses that don’t do crap. The employees in my area are paid decent but not good compared to other jobs in the area. I’m sorry I don’t see any job being worth a half million or more a year. Same with the over paid sports players. Salvation army is the only place to donate. they give back in any way they can and the big bosses make around 15 thousand a year and don’t care because it’s about helping others not getting rich.

        • Your donations only give 20% to the people. Administration gets 80%. Salvation army uses 20% admin costs and 80% to the people.

          • What everyone seems to fail to recognize is the fact no charity can give 100% of it’s earnings away. Tell me how they could keep their doors open if they did. Employees, and the overhead incurred to keep buildings open, must be paid. But your stats are completely wrong Connette and I’d like to see where you can back up your claims with facts. Every website I just researched showed the exact opposite of what you stated. In fact, the SA Admin. costs are 18%, not 80, and the rest goes back to the community in various ways. The website states the SA “meets the 20 out of 20 Standards for Charity Accountability,” and the SA Relief Program even donates 100% of their contributions to disaster relief. So in the future please get your facts together before you bring down a good and honorable organization.

          • This is outrage! People with various different abilities works hard for their money! You pay them little and take 99.99% of the money for yourself! You should be ashamed of yourself! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Connette is lying, and ten literal seconds on Google will tell you the truth. The level of malicious ignorance from the haters is appalling.

        • I love the SA. They are building a new headquarters in my area to put all their programs under one roof.
          And the good clothing I have to donate will go to their “clothes closet”.

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