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Centene is committed to driving innovation through diversity, equity and inclusion. We embrace and respect the unique experiences each employee brings to work every day. We thoughtfully engage diverse talent across the company, hiring individuals with a passion for serving our members and ambition for extraordinary impact, and prepare them for leadership roles. Nearly 50% of employees identify as people of color, including 36 % at the supervisor+ level. Women represent 76% of our employees and 65% of employees in supervisory positions. We are especially proud these statistics remained stable during the pandemic, a time of unprecedented challenges. Innovative programs, including dedicated leadership development and enhanced workplace flexibility, contributed to our ability to retain and grow our workforce.

Centene continually seeks out opportunities to expand DEI across our enterprise: in 2021, Employee Inclusion Groups held more than 250 virtual events, increased the diversity of our intern class and implemented a new DEI dashboard for our DEI Councils, HR Business Partners and Business Unit Leadership. Our employees completed more than 10,000 hours of DEI training, including Unconscious Bias training. We offered new benefits, professional development and employee engagement programs to drive inclusion across our remote work environment.


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U.S. Headquarters: St. Louis, MO

U.S. Employees: 59,692

2021 DiversityInc Top 50 Ranking: No. 36


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Twitter: @Centene

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