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Congressman Slammed for Sexist Comments Against Kellyanne Conway

A sexist comment about White House counselor Kellyanne Conway made by a Democratic Congressman has been met with backlash from some unlikely places.

Conway came under fire for being on her knees on a couch in the Oval Office, with her bare feet touching the couch. Last week at the Washington Press Club Foundation’s congressional dinner, Democratic Rep. Cedric Richmond (D-La.) said, “But I really just want to know: What was going on there Because, you know, I won’t tell anybody. And you can just explain to me that circumstance, because she really looked kind of familiar in that position there. Don’t answer and I don’t want you to refer back to the ’90s.”

Richmond was responding to South Carolina Sen. Tim Scott (R), who had pointed to former President Bill Clinton’s affair with former White House intern Monica Lewinsky as a way to take attention off of Conway: “Has anyone seen the controversy around Kellyanne Conway and the couch in the Oval Office Come on, people. You remember the ’90s. That couch has had a whole lot of worse things. Come on now.”

Richmond met heavy criticism for his remarks, which he said were not supposed to be sexist but were instead alluding to Conway being too comfortable in the presence of presidents of Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs).

In an unlikely response, Chelsea Clinton, former first daughter, came to Conway’s defense on Twitter.

Ronna Romney McDaniel, chairwoman of the Republican National Committee (RNC), called Richmond’s comments “disgusting & offensive” in a series of tweets, in which she also referenced March being Women’s History Month.

Democrats have come under fire for not responding strongly enough or at all to Richmond’s comments.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) was largely criticized for not demanding that Richmond apologize. On CNN’s “State of the Union” on Sunday Jake Tapper asked Pelosi why Democrats were not “expressing outrage about this,” calling the joke “sexist” and “disgusting.”

Pelosi said she did not attend the dinner and said she was not initially aware of the comments. Instead, she pointed to the previous misogynist comments made by President Donald Trump.

“You all are criticizing Cedric for something he said in the course of the evening,” she responded. “And he maybe should be criticized for that. I just don’t know the particulars. But do I, every day, marvel at the fact that somebody who said the gross and crude things that President Trump said, he wouldn’t even be allowed in a frat house, and he’s in the White House.”

“If one criticizes only Republicans when they make crude comments, does that not undermine the moral authority if they don’t criticize when Democrats make crude comments” Tapper questioned.

According to Pelosi, “everybody was making crude comments.”

“And I just I just don’t know,” she said. “I wasn’t at that dinner.”

Conway reported to The Daily Caller that Richmond initially did not apologize but rather “he tried to clarify.” Richmond has since issued an apology for “the way my remarks have been received by many.”

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