woman of color being mentored at work

Why Sponsorship is Important for Women of Color

Clarissa Fuselier knows how it feels to be overworked and ignored.  About six years ago, she had a manager who didn’t respect or appreciate her work. Fuselier recalls being passed over for much-earned promotions twice to lesser qualified individuals. She was prepared to quit. But everything changed when Fuselier got…

press conference on Anjanette Young

Black Chicago Woman Forced To Stand Naked and Handcuffed During Botched Police Raid Will Receive $2.9-Million Settlement

The city of Chicago has unanimously approved a $2.9-million settlement for Anjanette Young, who was humiliatingly forced to stand naked while handcuffed in front of a dozen officers during a police raid in 2019. Police officers mistakenly broke into her home during the botched event while pursuing a different individual…

members of USA Gymnastics

Survivors of Larry Nassar in USA Gymnastics Sexual-Abuse Case To Receive $380-Million Settlement

In a case that has unveiled some of the deepest and darkest parts of athletics, USA Gymnastics and the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Committee have agreed to pay a $380-million settlement to hundreds of survivors, all of whom were sexually abused by their former team doctor Larry Nassar. NPR’s Joe…