Archived: E-Mails of the Day: Transgender Appointee Makes History

Also read: Amanda Simpson, legislation, coming out, LGBT, transgender DiversityInc’s article “Obamas Transgender Appointee” spurred several reader responses. See what they had to say on the subject. Here are some of their edited comments. Comment: Maybe if we Blacks change our genders than our community’s issues can get some of…

Archived: Do Your Company's Policies Include Gender Identity

Is gender identity part of your workplace‘s nondiscrimination policy How prevalent are these types of policies in The 2009 DiversityInc Top 50 Companies for Diversity and the Fortune 100 Find out more here. Ninety-six percent of The 2009 DiversityInc Top 50 Companies for Diversity have a nondiscrimination policy that includes…

Archived: Starting Religious Employee-Resource Groups

Six years ago, Aetna Chief Diversity Officer Raymond Arroyo started pitching the idea of faith-based employee-resource groups to his company leadership. But the organization, like many others, was nervous, especially those in HR and the legal department. “It was perceived as riskynot something corporate America has embraced fully,” Arroyo recalls….

Archived: Re-Centering the History in Black History

Re-Centering the History in Black History Despite an impressive list of prestigious awards and national accomplishments, Rutgers University’s Dr. Clement Alexander Price is a remarkably down-to-earth person. A Black historian and community activist, Price is the Rutgers Board of Governors Distinguished Service Professor of History at the Newark, N.J., campus….

Archived: 5 Things NEVER to Say to Muslim Coworkers

With Ramadan–the holiest month on the Islamic calendar–beginning, issues of religious accommodation and cultural competency may come up in your workplace. That’s because Islam is the fastest-growing religion in the United States. To help you avoid offending Muslim colleagues now and throughout the year, here are five things not to…