What Digital Navigators Can Do for Underserved Communities

Community-based digital navigators can play an important role in closing the “digital divide” between those with and without access to the internet. Digital navigators empower unprivileged people by helping them overcome practical problems such as finding an internet provider, getting online and making the most of access to the web….

Why Sustainable Technology Is Vital to ESG Strategies

Climate change concerns have fueled political rhetoric for decades in the United States. However, more recently that concern has translated into public policy, including the 2022 decision by the U.S. Congress to include $369 billion in climate and clean energy investments in the Inflation Reduction Act. It’s considered the most…

5 Biggest News Stories of the Week: October 13

As the saying goes, the news never stops — but there’s a lot of it out there, and all of it doesn’t always pertain to our readers. In this weekly news roundup, we’ll cover the top news stories that matter most to our diversity focused audience. 1. House GOP Could…