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Black government workers

Black Women 58% Less Likely to Be Hired for Government Jobs Than White Men

Even before the turmoil and job loss caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, a new study reports that qualified Black women were up to 58% less likely to be hired for a government job than white men. According to reporter Charlene Rhinehart of Black Enterprise, the 2021 Diversity in Public Sector…


Facebook Takes Biggest Step Yet to Attack Hate on Its Platform

On Wednesday, March 17, Facebook announced its most far-reaching efforts ever to remove racist, sexist and other hate-fueled content from its platform. Brandy Zadrozny of NBC News reported that the social networking giant is “changing the way it recommends groups and will limit the reach of those that break its…

empty office chair; lack of Black leadership

Two-Thirds of Nation’s 3,000 Largest Publicly Traded Companies in America Lack a Black Board Member

Despite rampant calls for change and reform across the country over the past year, the message still isn’t being heard in many corporations. New data from the recruitment service BoardProspects has revealed that close to two-thirds of the nation’s 3,000 largest publicly traded companies lack a single Black board member….

Hollywood sign

Lack of Black Representation Costs Hollywood an Estimated $10 Billion Each Year

By excluding Black talent and failing to tell stories that represent all parts of society, Hollywood may be losing up to $10 billion a year.  That finding is just one of the discoveries revealed in an enlightening new report from management consulting firm McKinsey & Company. It’s the first time…


NASDAQ President Backtracks Proposed Boardroom Diversity Requirements

When stock market indexing giant NASDAQ announced plans to make the companies listed on its exchange include at least some measure of diversity on their boards last December, the reaction was loud and immediate from both sides. Right-leaning groups like The Heritage Foundation declared the move “discriminatory and immoral” and…

BLM Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter Movement Took in $90 Million in 2020, First Ever Look at Group’s Finances

Following the deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and others over the summer of 2020 and the social uprising that occurred as a result, the Black Lives Matter Movement became the face of revolution and change within the U.S. And with that newfound prominence also came hefty donations — a…

diverse students in school

Judges Approve Diversity Efforts in Two High Profile School Lawsuits

In a dual win for advocates of diversity in education, judges in Virginia and Connecticut have issued rulings supporting admissions standards that bolster diverse enrollment for both high school and college-aged students. In the first case, Pete Williams from NBC News has reported that the Justice Department has granted “voluntary…