racial disparities in healthcare

A Look Inside Acclinate, a Techstars Startup Company Working to Fight Racial Disparities in Healthcare

Disparities in healthcare are one of the biggest problems facing America’s Black and Brown population today, from soaring costs to lack of adequate medical coverage. This is especially true within the realm of medical research, where a vast majority of the testing for new pharmaceuticals and experimental therapies is focused…

Tokyo Olympics new president

Tokyo’s Olympic Committee Names New President After Scandal Over Sexist Comments From Previous Leader

Following a scandal over sexist remarks made by its former chair, the Tokyo 2020 organizing committee has named a new president: Japanese athlete-turned-politician Seiko Hashimoto. A former cyclist and speed skater who competed in seven Summer and Winter Olympics, Hashimoto steps into a highly volatile role as Tokyo Olympic Organizing…

Andrei Doroshin of Philly Fighting COVID

Philadelphia ‘Nonprofit’ Director Prioritizes Vaccinating Friends Against COVID-19, Even as the City Faces a Vaccine Shortage and High Death Rates for Black Residents

Philadelphia continues to struggle with the COVID-19 pandemic, facing a vaccine shortage and a high death rate for its Black residents. But that hasn’t deterred Andrei Doroshin, CEO of the mass vaccination clinic, Philly Fighting COVID (PFC) from prioritizing vaccinations for his friends. According to NBC Philadelphia reporters Rudy Chinchilla…