Daniel Dae Kim

White House Establishes New AAPI Visibility Task Force With Business Leaders and Actor Daniel Dae Kim

As part of the government’s ongoing efforts to fight the pandemic-fueled rise in AAPI hate — and to improve opportunities for Asian Americans across the nation — the White House has established a new AAPI visibility task force. The group will be tasked with advising President Biden and other D.C….

Ji-Young, the first Asian American muppet

Sesame Street Introduces First-Ever Asian American Character, Ji-Young

As part of its continuing quest to create a diverse and inclusive environment for children, beloved PBS franchise Sesame Street introduced its first Black family (father and son Wes and Elijah Walker) earlier this year. And now, Sesame Street will soon be even more diverse and inclusive with the introduction…


New FBI Report Estimates Anti-Asian Hate in the United States Increased by 73% in 2020

We’ve known anti-Asian sentiment increased dramatically in the U.S. since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, but new government data quantifies just how shockingly severe that jump has been. Based on recently released FBI data, Sakshi Venkatraman of NBC News reported that “anti-Asian hate crimes increased more than 73% in…

Sen. Chuck Grassley

Iowa Sen. Chuck Grassley Invokes Model Minority Myth, Tells Judicial Nominee Lucy Koh He Supports ‘Her People’ and ‘Their Work Ethic’

Even though he has had a Korean American daughter-in-law for more than four decades, Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley (who, at 88, is the oldest member of the Senate) still doesn’t appear to know how to avoid using racist or otherwise harmful language while at the Capitol. Kimmy Yam of NBC…

Bruce Lee

Florida County Named After Gen. Robert E. Lee Could Soon Be Renamed in Honor of Bruce Lee

Organizers in Lee County, Florida, are attempting to “rebrand” the place they call home originally named after notorious and racist Confederate General Robert E. Lee to now honor actor, martial artist and cultural icon Bruce Lee.  Kynala Phillips of NBC News has reported that “in an effort to ‘eradicate’ racism…

Family in China walking with children

China Changes Parenting Laws in Massive Policy Reversal To Allow Married Couples To Have Up to 3 Children

For more than 40 years, China has placed strict limits on the number of children married couples could have in an effort to preserve limited resources and drive the country’s economic growth. But confronted with a current “demographic crisis,” China’s childbirth restrictions appear to be easing. Nicole Acevedo of NBC…