Career Advice for High Potential Women

Wanda Hope, CarynParlavecchio andMarisa Miltonparticipated on theAchieving Gender Balance in Senior Leadershippanel at the 2017 DiversityInc Top 50 event. The panel was very well received and the information these women provided was so rich, we decided to bring them back. This time, we wanted them to give career advice to high potential women, based on what they learned throughout their successful careers.

Listen to the webinar in its entirety it is great! And don’t skip the Q&A session that’s great too!

Webinar Panelists:

Wanda Hope, Chief Diversity Officer, Johnson & Johnson

CarynParlavecchio,Head of HR and US Country Head HR,Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation

Marisa Milton,Vice President, Global Talent Acquisition & Employer Brand + Communications, Marriott International

0:01:27 Introduction

0:03:55 Q1:When you began your career, what did and didn’tyou know about managing a career in a corporate environment

0:13:04 Q2:How did your mentors and your sponsors help you in your career Could you have advanced without a sponsor What advice would you give on having a successful sponsor/sponsoree relationship

0:23:46 Q3:What attributes must a person have to become a high potential, and succeed as a high potential

0:32:53 Q4:When being promoted or hired into a role, what can women do to ensure orwork towardsgetting paid the same as their male counterparts

0:40:00 Q5:Can professional and personal life be balanced If so, what advice would you give to women on how to successfully do so

0:51:39 Q6:What advice would you give to your younger self

0:56:47 Q&A

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