Candidate Takes Gay Marriage Comparisons to New Level

By Chris Hoenig

We’ve seen politicians compare gay marriage to incest and blame the LGBT community for things like autism, dementia and natural disasters, including tornadoes. Now, an Oregon gubernatorial candidate is comparing same-gender marriage to murder.

“I would have to say, I definitely believe that that is wrong,” Lorraine Mae Rafferty told The Oregonian. “I believe it’s a sin, just the same as murder’s a sin.”

The 52-year-old Republican also said she considers abortion to be murder and that the issue is something that the public just doesn’t properly understand. “People don’t really understand … If I become governor I think maybe that would be one of my things, some kind of an education thing,” Rafferty explained. “Maybe if I even had to pay for it out of my own pocket, to get people to understand that a baby in the womb is a human being.”

The conservative views are actually likely to hurt her chances of winning the GOP nomination in the Beaver State. At a three-day conference last month, state Republicans actually endorsed a ballot initiative that would legalize gay marriageand the vote wasn’t really that close: 233-162.

The measure could appear on ballots this November.

Oregon Republicans have a history of progressiveness on social issues. In addition to backing abortion rights, Republicans attending the Dorchester Conference have opposed proposed anti-LGBT bills for more than 20 years.

Questionable Politician Platforms

The comparison between gay marriage and murder is just another in a long line of candidate platforms that have raised eyebrows.

A Democratic candidate for district attorney in Texas proclaimed that he believes “family violence is so, so overrated” and vowed to cut back spending on prosecution of domestic violence cases. Another white candidate in Texas won a seat on a college board by pretending he was Black.

In Indiana, Senate candidate Richard Mourdock defended his pro-life platform by saying that he believes that “God intended” for pregnancy after rape.

Even established politicians have made headlines for their comparisons. Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal has pushed his plans for education vouchers by comparing Attorney General Eric Holderwho has sued to block the voucher programto segregationist Governor George Wallace.

Former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin compared the national debt to slavery (a comment that she prefaced with: “This isn’t racist, but”), while a North Carolina Senate candidate also resorted to a slavery comparison, this time drawing a parallel to food stamps.

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