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#MAGABomber is the Sole Follower of Two Right-Wing Facebook Pages

Following Cesar Sayoc’s arrest for sending more than a dozen parcel bombs to critics of President Donald Trump, Facebook removed his multiple accounts. Sayoc used the social media site to denigrate prominent Democrats like former President Obama and promoted conspiracy theories about billionaire political donor George Soros, the first to receive a package bomb this week.

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Account handles on his Facebook pages included two violent themes “Killall Socialist” and “Killgeorge Soros,” of which he is the only Facebook friend.

He had two Facebook accounts under the names Cesar Altieri and Cesar Altieri Randazzo. The Randazzo account belonged to Facebook groups including “The Trump American Party” and “Vote Trump 2020.”

The account shared, throughout the 2016 presidential campaign, “news stories from Breitbart, video clips from Fox News, and posts from pages like ‘Handcuffs for Hillary,'” according to The New York Times.

It also had photos of Sayoc wearing a “Make American Great Again” hat at a Trump campaign rally.

The account had “liked” more than 100 conservative pages, including several pro-Trump and anti-Clinton groups. Several posts contained anti-Obama and anti-Muslim statements.

“In line with our policies, as our community standards explain, we do not allow praise or support for horrendous acts like these. We also do not allow the suspect to maintain a presence on our site, so we’ve removed his account,” a Facebook spokesperson said.

Sayoc is charged with five federal crimes:

Interstate Transportation of an Explosive

Illegal Mailing of Explosives

Threats Against Former Presidents and Certain Other Persons

Threatening Interstate Communications

Assaulting Federal Officers

The 56-year-old resident of Aventura, Fla., with ties to New York, faces more than 58 years in prison.

“This is an ongoing and active investigation. We will not rest until these crimes are fully investigated,” U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York Geoffrey Berman said, in a statement.

Court records in Florida show that the registered Republican was arrested in 2002 and served a year of probation for a felony charge of threatening to place or throw a bomb. He faced several felony charges in 2004 for unlawful possession of a synthetic anabolic steroid. In 2014, he was convicted for grand theft and misdemeanor theft, and in 2013 for battery.

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