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Bullied 9-Year-Old, Thomas Daniel, Gets Surprise Birthday Party from Grand Rapids Police Officers

thomas daniel

It all started when Thomas Daniel, 9, missed his bus last week. Thomas was running after his bus early in the morning when he was seen by Grand Rapids Police Department Officer Lynema.

Lynema gave Thomas a ride to school after he got permission from the boy’s mother. During the ride, Thomas expressed that he was worried none of his peers would show up to his birthday party and he invited Lynema to his party, which was that same evening. Thomas told Lynema that he was frequently bullied by his classmates.

Lynema showed up at his birthday party later that day. Thomas’ worries had come true – none of his classmates had come. The only people there were his siblings and the officer and there wasn’t even a cake.

So Lynema rallied some of his fellow officers and went back to Thomas’ house the next day to throw him a surprise second birthday party, complete with a Krispy Kreme donut cake and a singing quartet when he arrived home from school.

The police department posted photos on social media in hopes of raising awareness of bullying and inspiring people to stand up for others against abuse.

“No kid should get bullied, and no kid should worry if anyone will come to the party,” the police department  wrote on Facebook. “Next year Thomas Daniel, make sure you drop us that invite a little sooner. We wouldn’t want to miss it!”



  1. SLFranklin April 15, 2019

    This is great but I really need the children that are doing the bullying to be addressed. Why does it have to get to extreme measures (No one showing up for a childes party, child killing themselves, child becoming bitter and shooting up his classmates) before parents/school officials/police will do anything about this problem.

  2. Patricia April 14, 2019

    God Bless those wonderful officers and little Thomas


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