Black Twitter Drags Marie Claire Magazine For Attributing "Glass Hair" To White Celebs

Although Marie Claire didn’t send for Black Twitter, it surely came for Marie Claire.

In an ever-growing trend of white publications giving white celebs credit for already established styles or trends in the black community, the latest “new” craze is “glass hair.” And what is it exactly It’s a precision haircut styled with a flat iron and a little bit of oil for a smooth, polished, and shiny finish.

Apparently, white publications like Refinery 29, Teen Vogue, and Allure must’ve been drinking from the same appropriation Kool-Aid because all 3 magazines gave the same misinformation.

According to the various magazines, Kim Kardashian’s blunt-cut bob and Khloe Kardashian’s cropped bob were credited to the latest hairstyle for white women.

This is just as bad as Kylie Jenner’s infamous “boxer braids” debacle.

It didn’t take long for Black Twitter to clap back.

Even former Black Lives Matter activist, Deray, weighed in on Twitter stating: “A black woman’s bob reclassified as ‘glass hair’ & attributed to the Kardashians is so wild that this must be magazine trolling.”

Some of the tweets were straight to the point.

Some were a much-needed history lesson and a lesson in diversity.

And some tweets offered a very valid critique of the publication.

In any case, until white magazines include black writers, stylists and make-up artists; the will continue to appropriate black trends and culture. And as long as that happens Black Twitter will always come to the rescue.

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