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Black Teen Riding in Car With His White Grandmother Handcuffed by Cops: Video

"This is my grandson. We're on the way home from church to my house," Paulette Barr pleaded with officers.

Driving home from church is dangerous in Wauwatosa, Wisc., if you're a Black teen in a car with your grandmother who happens to be white, and police think you're robbing her.

Akil Carter, age 18, sat in the backseat of a vehicle, while his grandmother and another white woman were in the front seat driving from Milwaukee on Sunday morning. Police stopped them when they entered Wauwatosa, a city with a population that's 87.5 percent white, and only 4.8 percent Black.

It's located in Milwaukee County where racial disparities in the criminal justice system have resulted in more than half of Black men in their thirties serving time in prison. Wauwatosa is also less than 15 minutes from Milwaukee, which has an established school-to-prison pipeline for Black students.

Carter was handcuffed and detained as police claimed they were responding to a tip from a Black couple that a Black young man was robbing two older white women in a blue Lexus.

Wauwatosa Police Department released dashboard cam video, on Thursday, of the traffic stop.

An officer can be heard yelling: "Everybody put up their hands in the car. Put your hands up. Hands up in the car."

He did not yet approach the car, and gave commands from his vehicle.

"Person in the backseat, I need you to step out of the car with your hands up."

Carter opens the car door and steps out onto the sidewalk with his hands up.

The officer then ordered him to walk backwards toward his vehicle then to get down on his knees.

Click here for entire footage from dashcam

Out of camera range, an officer handcuffed Carter, and then placed him in the back of a squad car.

After his partner handcuffed Carter, an officer, identified by The Washington Post as Pat Kaine, walked up to the stopped vehicle, and asked the passenger, "Is everything OK?"

"This is my grandson; Yes, we're on the way home from church to my house," the woman, identified as Paulette Barr, replied.

"Some guy comes up to me in his car and says, actually, there were two Black guys robbing a lady in a blue Lexus," Kaine said.

Barr repeated that the young man is her grandson, and the other woman is her best friend whom he's known since he was a baby.

An additional video from a camera in the back-seat area shows a female officer telling Carter that the stop appears to be a misunderstanding. She tells him this, but keeps him in handcuffs as she questions him.

Carter told the officer his grandmother was the passenger and her friend was driving the car. He was released within 10 minutes of Barr clearing up the situation.

Capt. Brian E. Zalewski, Wauwatosa Police Department's public information officer, said in a statement to news media that during the stop officers drew their handguns, "but kept them pointed in a safe direction."

Zalewski said Barr and Carter were stopped because an officer was "flagged down by an African American male and African American female who indicated a robbery either was occurring or had just occurred." The suspects, he said, were "two Black males in the back seat."

However, the Black people that allegedly flagged down Kaine has yet to be located for a formal statement.

The family has hired an attorney and may sue the Wauwatosa Police Department.

Jan Singer, CEO of Victoria's Secret lingerie division, is resigning from her position as the sales for the lingerie company continue to plummet. And shares of L Brands, its parent company, are also on the decline as it faces backlash for its white, male chief marketing officer's diversity fail.

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Andrew Gillum: Count Every Vote

"If we don't swear in a new governor until January, what is the rush for you?" Gillum said, referring to Florida Gov. Rick Scott and President Trump.

Florida Republican gubernatorial candidate Ron DeSantis' lead over Democratic candidate Andrew Gillum narrowed to just 33,000 votes on Saturday, resulting in a mandated machine recount of ballots. The results are due in Tallahassee on Thursday, and if Gillum gains about 15,000 votes, a hand recount will take place.

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For the second year in a row, GQ Magazine has selected a woman for its annual Man of the Year issue. Last year's cover featured Israeli-actress, Gal Gadot. The cover was light and cute. It could've been an advertisement for "The Women's March." This year, tennis-legend Serena Williams, won the "honor." Only her cover isn't a celebration of her athletic prowess and excellence. It's outright racist.

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#ShoppingWhileBlack: Maryland Couple Sues Costco for $4M

A routine trip to Costco turned into a case of racial profiling.

Courtesy of WBAL TV

Barbara and Bahri Wallace loved to shop at Costco. And this trip to the megastore should have been like every other trip. However, while the couple were shopping at the Costco in Anne Arundel County in Maryland in May, the husband and wife reported they were being watched by management.

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Trump Cancels Visit to WWI Cemetery Because of Rain

"It's incredible that a president would travel to France for this significant anniversary — and then remain in his hotel room watching TV," David Frum said on Twitter.

Aisne-Marne American Cemetery dedicated to the U.S. soldiers killed in the Belleau Wood battle during World War I / YOUTUBE

Light, steady rain resulted in President Trump cancelling plans to attend a commemoration in France on Saturday to honor U.S. soldiers killed during World War I.

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Uncounted Ballots Remain in Mail Center That Processed #MAGABomber Weapons: Report

United States Postal Service claims it was not aware of any ballots being mishandled.

Miami-Dade County, Fla., election officials claimed that all of the votes for the area had been counted. But according to an anonymous tip, that appears to be untrue.

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White Nationalists Feel at Home Visiting the White House

Identity Evropa leader, whose group believes in returning people of color back to native homelands, posts tour photos. Meanwhile, Trump calls Black reporter's white nationalism question "racist."


Patrick Casey, leader of alt-right white nationalist group, Identity Evropa, and Charlottesville marcher, posted a visit to the White House on social media this week:

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Congresswoman Slams Trump for Racist Attack on Black Female Journalists

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee and others come to the defense of April Ryan, Abby Phillip and Yamiche Alcindor.

From left to right: April Ryan, Abby Phillip and Yamiche Alcindor. / TWITTER

This week, President Trump reserved vitriol-filled comments for Black journalists Abby Phillip and April Ryan from CNN, and Yamiche Alcindor from PBS Newshour, who were just trying to do their jobs. Trump was slammed on Twitter for his overt appeal to racists by disrespecting the women.

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