How to Become A High Potential


Diana Solash, Director, Global and Americas Diversity & Inclusiveness,EY

L B Jeter, CPA, Senior Manager, People Advisory Services, EY

Becca Baker, Leadership & Organizational Development Director, JCPenney

Melissa Harper, VP, Global Talent and Inclusion & Diversity, Monsanto

00:02:57 L B Jeter on how he became a high potential and how his family instilled a strong work ethic in him

00:07:06 Becca Baker on taking the initiative and going above and beyond

00:09:18 Diana Solash on understanding where the growth opportunities are

00:12:28 Melissa Harper how she became a high potential and key qualities people saw in her

00:16:33 L B Jeter on the importance of building trust

00:20:10 Becca Baker on cultivating those relationships

00:24:03 Melissa Harper on how to respond when a senior leader asks, “what do you do at the company”

00:27:20 Diana Solash on the importance of asking for and leveraging feedback

00:31:06 L B Jeter on how family support helps him strive as a high potential

00:33:54 Becca Baker how to continue to excel in your role and not be inundated by expectations

00:37:11 Diana Solash on how to overcome roadblocks and get back on track

00:41:44 Melissa Harper on attributes high potentials need to embrace and lead with

00:46:50 Q&A

To access a PDF of the webinarclick here.

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