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Diversity and Inclusion is a top priority at BBVA USA. We embrace the inherent uniqueness of everyone and appreciate the value that our similarities and differences bring to creating opportunities for our employees, customers, vendors and communities. 

We intentionally foster a workplace culture that prioritizes inclusion, which is why BBVA USA launched its first business resource group (BRG) in 2017 to increase engagement for women and provide a forum for mentorship, professional development and networking. We knew that through this BRG there was an opportunity to reduce female turnover; promote more women to senior management positions and provide leadership development opportunities for women. 

Since its inception in 2017, the Women in Leadership BRG has expanded to Birmingham, Alabama, and Houston (2018); New York City (2019); and Dallas and Arizona (2020). To further efforts in diversity and inclusion, BBVA USA also launched its second BRG in 2020 to support LGBTQ+ employees and allies. Plans are currently underway to launch two more BRGs in 2021.

We appreciate BBVA’s recognition as one of the Noteworthy Companies for Diversity and will continue our efforts to support employees, suppliers, customers and communities through purposeful Diversity and Inclusion.


Company Facts


U.S. Headquarters: Birmingham, AL

Global Employees: 10,457

2020 DiversityInc Top 50 Ranking: Noteworthy


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