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  • Bayer’s Business Resource Groups (BRGs) are a vital part of its Inclusion and Diversity efforts. The BRGs assist Bayer with cultivating an inclusive workplace and bringing exceptional, targeted products and services to its customers, clients and shareholders.
  • BRAVE (Bayer Resource for Armed Forces Veteran Employees) members and employees wrote over 150 letters for Memorial Day and presented them to a Veterans Hospital. Other members went to the Veterans Cemetery and placed American flags on the graves of Veterans for Memorial Day.
  • Bayer expanded quarterly reporting of its supplier-diversity goals to also track progress by Business Unit providing senior leadership transparency into their current state.


Bayer is a global enterprise with core competencies in the Life Science fields of health care and agriculture. In line with our mission “Bayer: Science For A Better Life,” we aim to improve people’s quality of life. We address some of the world’s most pressing global challenges and continue to develop new solutions.

Promoting health and nutrition is what we do best and care about. The solutions we create in our Pharmaceuticals, Crop Science, and Consumer Health Divisions advance the lives of people and our planet today and in the future. To sustain and grow our business, we require diverse business perspectives and the flexibility to work with a variety of people wherever we do business.

Inclusion & Diversity is not a program at Bayer, it’s the way we do business and make life better for all. Our employees proudly reflect the society in which we live by demonstrating the value of diverse thinking. By giving a voice to diverse constituencies within Bayer and our customers, our Business Resource Groups assist Bayer in cultivating an inclusive workplace and bringing exceptional, targeted products and services to our customers. Having an inclusive culture, people and business processes are a priority to success in our global market.

Our emphasis on inclusion while continuing to keep our focus on diversity allows us to attract, develop, and retain a more diverse and representative talent base across demographics, culture and experiential backgrounds. Our business resource groups, supplier diversity program, external partnerships, and targeted outreach programs are just a few of the ways we attract and support our employees. All our new hires complete Appreciating Differences training and Managers participate in a Managing Inclusion web training to help shape our culture of inclusion.


Phil Blake Hi Res2
Philip Blake
Senior Bayer Representative and President
“Our commitment to inclusion and diversity is a commitment to employees, our team, and the customers we serve. It’s about creating an environment where employees can fulfill their potential while harnessing their diverse backgrounds, experiences and perspectives to make us stronger.”
Melissa Harper
Melissa Harper, SVP
Global Talent & Inclusion
“Creating a culture where we engage effectively across differing views fuels the innovation our future business strategies require. An inclusive environment fast-tracks our business: it builds trust, drives effectiveness and productivity, increases engagement and launches innovation.”