Bayer an International Leader in Sustainable Water Management

The renowned ratings agency CDP has confirmed Bayer’s (a DiversityInc Noteworthy Company) position as one of the leading international companies for sustainable water management. According to its own information, the CDP compared strategies and measures for the efficient use and protection of this most valuable natural resource at over 600 large companies worldwide. Bayer was one of 24 companies to obtain the top A rating and leadership status.

“We are delighted to be recognized by the CDP,” says Dr. Hartmut Klusik, the Bayer Board of Management member responsible for Human Resources, Technology and Sustainability. “Efficient use of resources has been a cornerstone of our sustainability strategy for a number of years,” he adds. Bayer provides in-depth, transparent coverage of water-related aspects in its Integrated Annual Report.

Sustainable water usage in production

The United Nations defines clean water as a key goal of sustainable development. Bayer is committed to playing a role in achieving this objective, both in its own production and in the application of its products as well as along the whole value chain. In its production operations, the company therefore uses water as efficiently as possible, treats wastewater and endeavors to reduce or avoid water emissions. Bayer also has comprehensive production and management systems in place for in-house water management.

Sustainable water usage by customers

Agriculture accounts for roughly 70 percent of global fresh water consumption. Bayer regards helping customers achieve sustainable water usage as part and parcel of its product stewardship efforts. Anywhere the Group markets crop protection agents, farmers are instructed how to use them properly so as to prevent the risk of contaminating surface water, groundwater or bodies of water. In addition, Bayer markets an innovative system for the safe disposal of leftover crop protection agents. The company also promotes the use of new, efficient irrigation systems and will be placing even greater emphasis on digital farming in the future by providing detailed, comprehensive information on growing conditions that will help farmers to optimize their use of natural resources.

Investors need information

The CDP is a non-profit organization and calculates that it has this year served the needs of 643 institutional investors representing fund assets of USD 67 trillion by evaluating water-related data from 607 large companies across the globe. According to the CDP, these investors use the information to help reach their investment decisions.

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