Bayer Foundation Awards 26 Scholarships for Science Camp During Summer Vacation: Young Scientists Experimenting on Health and Food science topics at Bayer Science Teens Camp in the U.S.

Originally Published by Bayer.

One of the year’s sporting highlights, the final of this year’s Soccer World Cup, is only just over. The highlight of the summer for 26 teenagers from four continents is the Bayer Science Teens Camp in the U.S. Thanks to scholarships awarded by the Bayer Science & Education Foundation these 26 Bayer Science Teens are going to be researching into a wide variety of life science, medical health and food science topics in Colorado from 23 July to 4 August. The multinational make-up of the Bayer Science Teens Camp, with youngsters participating from Germany, several African countries, India and the U.S., opens up plenty of valuable opportunities to get to know teenagers from very different cultural backgrounds.

An independent jury chose the following participants: Lauren Peysakhova, Daniel Boutin, Scott Duong, Sofia Gonzalez and Rayhanah Ahmed from the U.S., Iness Tabit from Morocco, Bridget Wanjiku Kanyingi from Kenya, Sena Angel Hiadzi from Ghana, Cedric Yann Ngombitha from Cameroon, Kristin Edith Uys from South Africa, and Bhurva Sharma, Prushti Alpshbhai, Aditya Girish Palaskar and Vatsal B. Patel from India. A total of ten participants were selected from schools in Germany.

All the pupils are between 14 and 16 years of age and were specifically selected for their excellent school marks in natural science subjects, sound knowledge of English (in the case of non-native participants) and keen interest in food science and health topics. The five U.S. participants are accompanied by the 16-year-olds Michelle Zhu and Shannon Chen, and the ten German participants by 17-year-old Anna Behrmann (from a school in Dormagen, Germany) and 24-year-old Olivia Schumacher (a student at the German Sports University, Cologne). In 2018, Anna won a regional youth research prize in the technical field as well as a special Bayer award; Olivia has received a sports scholarship from Bayer.

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