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   No. 17 | BASF


  • Chairman and CEO Wayne Smith challenged his company to take ‘Bigger, Bolder, and Faster’ actions to meet business goals for improving in diversity and leadership potential.
  • The company responded with a robust diverse candidate slate process, requiring 50 percent of both the candidate slate and the hiring panel to be diverse.
  • As a result, BASF hired two-thirds more Blacks and Latinos and almost a third more women into its leadership pipelines than represented.

BASF Is Recognized as World Leader for Corporate Action on Water Security

BASF Supports Young Spray Painters as Global WorldSkills Competition Sponsor

BASF Works with Digital Start-Ups with Visionary Ideas for the Mobility Industry


BASF is moving forward with its ‘Talent & Diversity Challenge,’ which is an effort to accelerate progress in Diversity + Inclusion and leadership pipeline development. This effort is advancing through multiple areas of focus addressing the attraction, selection, development and retention of a workforce that reflects diversity of background and experience, and leverages the power of diversity to drive the BASF ‘customers first and winning together’ business strategy. Aspirational goals ensure that 50% of the people interviewed for roles reflect the diversity of the North American talent market, that 50% of the people doing the interviewing are diverse, and that efforts are made to further enhance the caliber, potential and diversity of the leadership pipeline. Efforts are geared to selecting the best qualified talent for the role from a talent pool that reflects the best men, women and people of all backgrounds.

Employee Resource Group activities are core to the company’s efforts to involve, include and empower its people. With 10 major ERGs and 86 chapter affiliates, Employee Resource Groups meet constituent and business needs across the ALLChemie (LGBT); African American ERG; Asian Business Community; Construction Women at Work; Emerging Professionals & Friends; Latin American ERG; Offsite ERG for Remote Workers; Military VETS; Women in Business; and Working Parents communities.

The company has a highly engaged Diversity + Inclusion Council comprised of senior leaders who help to set D+I strategy and oversee its implementation across all major spheres of influence.

The company’s manufacturing community is highly energized to improve the attraction, selection and development of female talent. BASF is moving forward with an innovative FLAME (Female Leaders Advancing Manufacturing Excellence) curriculum to enhance the experience of female manufacturing talent through the early years and middle years of career progression.

Considerable efforts are being taken to increase awareness of unconscious bias and to mitigate its influence. Today, the focus is on moving from unconscious bias to conscious inclusion as a means of fully leveraging the power of diversity to achieve competitive advantages for BASF and personal advantages for its employees.


Wayne Smith
Chairman and CEO

“We recognize the power of Diversity & Inclusion as great for business and indispensable to creating strong teams and work environments. BASF people with diverse backgrounds, perspectives and experience sets bring the power of different thinking to our customers’ problems. This drives innovation and growth, and creates a work environment that brings out the best in our teams.”


Patricia Rossman
Chief Diversity Officer

“We at BASF are also working to fully leverage the power of inclusion. This requires intentional efforts to leverage the power of our diversity to ensure that all voices are heard, to ask different questions and find new solutions, and to value and appreciate the differences in our people for their competitive and personal advantage.”



U.S. Headquarters: Florham, N.J.

Global Employees: 115,267

Last Year’s DiversityInc Top 50 Ranking • No. 25

  • No. 11 Recruitment
  • No. 14 Veterans
  • LGBT Employees