Author: Jayme S. Ganey

AOC on Trump’s ‘Young Bartender’ Dig: ‘There is Nothing Wrong with Being a Working Person’

… Says the working American Latina Congresswoman to the elitist, rich, white administration. Trump tried to belittle Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) with a “young bartender” comment, but it only resulted in a dig at working-class people. He remarked at an NRCC fundraising dinner on Tuesday: “The Green New Deal done by…

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Lawsuit Filed Against California Hospital for Secretly Filming Women in Delivery Rooms

Two years prior, a staff whistleblower said he was forced to resign when he called out the hospital for re-installing cameras after they claimed to have stopped recording. Eighty-one women have filed a class action lawsuit against a Southern California hospital for not protecting their privacy in delivery rooms. Up to 1,800 women were impacted….