AT&T’s Corey Anthony on Women’s History Month and the Power in Possibility

Originally published on LinkedIn. Corey Anthony is AT&T’s senior vice president of human resources and chief diversity & development officer. AT&T is a DiversityInc Hall of Fame company.


Right now, one of the highest offices in the United States is occupied by a woman. She is the first female, the first Black woman, the first Asian-American, and the first second-generation immigrant to hold that position.

Kamala Harris is Vice President, and she’s making history. She has shattered a major glass ceiling and she’s inspiring women across the world to see the power of their own possibilities.

I’m grateful the women in my life and others have Vice President Harris’s example because I recognize the challenges some women still face. The pandemic has shown us that women continue to carry a disproportionate share of household responsibilities, including helping their children with remote learning. This plus lack of job opportunities has led to a crisis of nearly 2.2 million women leaving the U.S. workforce.

To deliver on the promise to our daughters that they can be whatever they set their minds to be, we must all work to remove barriers for women. During this Women’s History Month and on International Women’s Day (March 8), let’s envision a world where women aren’t defined by society’s limitations. When young girls and women can define themselves, they have the power to tell the world: “I am whatever I dream.” An analyst. A professional athlete. A business owner. A president. The words “I am” have power, a power I try to instill in my daughter, and power young girls and women everywhere should get to feel.

At AT&T, we support the power of women employees by creating initiatives that make “I am” possible. Our leadership development programs, like Women of Color, Lift and Connect and the Executive Women’s Leadership Experience empower women of all backgrounds with the tools they need to overcome barriers, build their networks, and set them on the path to success.

AT&T also works with organizations like Girls Scouts and Black Girls Code that are preparing the next generation of female leaders to thrive in professional settings and pursue STEM careers. And, in 2020, we established #ShesConnected, a sponsorship approach that delivers on our commitment to stand for equality by featuring female athletes and executives who are evolving their industries.

Throughout this month and beyond, I’m excited to celebrate women across our business and the female collaborators whose aspirations, leadership and presence make our success possible. It’s vital that my daughter and others like her will see the possibilities that these women represent.

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