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Jennifer Moorman is one step closer to pursuing her dream job as a wind energy technician thanks in part to AT&T.  Jennifer is one of the first students to receive a scholarship funded by AT&T to attend the Canadian Valley Technology Center (CV-Tech) wind energy technician program in Oklahoma. As one of the largest corporate purchasers of wind energy in the U.S., AT&T created the scholarships to help support students where its wind energy investments are located, and as part of its $500 million commitment since 2008 to education and skilling, AT&T Aspire.

Wind Turbine Technician is one of the fastest growing jobs in the U.S., with job growth projected to be more than 96% between 2016-2026. Jennifer was drawn to wind energy as a career because it provides a reliable way to support her family. To the single mother of twins, her degree means “longevity and a steady career.”

The CV-Tech wind energy technician training program is a month-long training course that prepares people to work as Level 1 technicians on wind turbine energy centers (wind farms). Every morning begins with a safety meeting to discuss things that the trainees will face in the field, followed by real world activities on the turbines themselves. In the field, students practice climbing ladders to heights of up to 80 feet, helping to get them accustomed to working high above the ground and performing rescues in case of an emergency. Simulators and wind tower scenarios train students to follow a myriad of maintenance procedures.

Moorman was surprised by the intensity of the technology training in the program. “It was very interesting and fun,” she said, “but also complicated and hard to wrap my head around.” Wind Technicians use circuit boxes to inspect, maintain, and repair wind turbines as needed.

Moorman admits she was nervous at first, entering a heavily male-dominated industry, but “anyone can do this job,” she said. “The program was really great and thoroughly prepared me for this career.”

More information on CV-Tech is available here. Find more information on AT&T’s renewable energy program here and all of AT&T’s environmental and social impact programs at

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