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AT&T Named One of The 2019 Best Workplaces for Diversity

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We are starting out a new year and a new decade with big news: AT&T was named one of the 2019 Best Workplaces for Diversity for the 4th year in a row.

This recognition would not be possible without our employees, who live our values and inspire human progress every single day. Without inclusion, the power of diversity would not be fully realized. Our employees’ commitment to inclusion extends to the diverse communities around us, and AT&T empowers us to engage in initiatives that serve people whose life experiences may be different from ours – people in need.

From our AT&T Believes initiative tackling important issues such as helping the underserved find employment and aiding the homeless, to social impact programs within our operating units — we’re a global community of diverse individuals who truly care for one another. These are just some of the many reasons why we’re one of the best workplaces for diversity.

Read more on how we’re making a difference in communities nationwide.

“Everyone has a story”

Dwan Hubbard, principal – business management AT&T Business, is incredibly passionate about helping the people in his city. So much so, he’s gone so far as to take the sweater off his back to give to someone in need. Helping to eradicate homelessness in Dallas is the focus of the Believe Dallas initiative.  And what inspired Dwan to take part in this initiative was his encounter with a woman during a work visit to Dallas. It was over 100 degrees that day, and he vividly remembers her wearing at least five layers of clothing as she walked near AT&T headquarters. When he moved to Dallas months later, he saw that same lady in the same layers. It dawned on him that her challenges may be greater than what we see on the surface.

“We are so blessed to be in the position we’re in,” said Dwan. “We have a job and great benefits. It’s not that way for some folks based on their circumstances. We should help others who can’t help themselves. I believe it is our corporate responsibility to give back in any way that we can – big or small.”

Believe in our People  

“The power of AT&T to pull all of our resources together to help people when they need it most is inspiring, said Paula Rodriguez, project manager, client services AT&T Business. “It’s about finding measurable impact. What can be done that’s visible and can truly make a difference in someone’s life? That’s what matters.”

Paula is a proud volunteer of Believe Detroit, one of many cities taking part in the AT&T Believes initiative.

So far, Believe Detroit has helped build benches in the downtown area and hosted a food drive in partnership with the Salvation Army and Forgotten Harvest, helping to deliver food to local charities.

Support local

WarnerMedia’s Community Impact Production Assistant Training Program has not only elevated conversations around inclusion in the industry but has created true pathways into the film and television industry. The program has provided job and career opportunities for local talent where film and productions take place.

“I’m very proud of this work. HBO has been at the forefront of investing in people to really make a difference,” said Pam Hacker, senior director of Corporate Social Responsibility, WarnerMedia.  “We are excited about expanding our work across all WarnerMedia productions with continued efforts to bring new voices and provide opportunities and access to all the communities we work in.”

Tech for Good  

Xandr’s Tech for Good team pursues positive social impact in the world and communities by leveraging Xandr engineering, platform and tech-operations resources to help non-profits.

This includes the Public Service Announcement (PSA) program, which uses Xandr’s advertising technology to provide free digital advertising opportunities to non-profit organizations. In collaboration with the Federation for Internet Alerts (FIA), the PSA program also delivers geo-targeted weather advisories, election reminders and life-saving warnings in real-time across the globe.

In the PSA program’s lifetime, Xandr has delivered approximately 2.5 billion real-time alerts for FIA, as well as another approximately 117 billion PSA ads for our non-profit partners.

“Combining our unique advertising and technology capabilities with the passion and expertise of teammates worldwide is core to how we deliver social and environmental impact at Xandr,” said Euan Lampitt, director of CSR & Employee Experience, Xandr. “The Tech for Good program exemplifies this approach and I’m excited to expand this program, as part of our broader ‘Xandr Cares’ CSR initiative, and to continue to partner closely with colleagues at AT&T and WarnerMedia to drive impact for our communities and our business.” 

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