AT&T, Black Future Month Celebrating Those Making History Today to Shape Tomorrow

By David Huntley, Senior Executive Vice President and Chief Compliance Officer, AT&T Inc.

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During Black History Month, we celebrate the legacy and awe-inspiring contributions of those committed to equality. Their efforts preserve a rich cultural heritage and pave the way for future generations.

As I reflect on the importance of Black History Month, I think of all my heroes, mentors, friends and family who have helped shape my heritage and view of the world. They set me on my path, inspiring me to be the best and driving me to give back relentlessly as a mentor and humbly serve as a leader raising my hand when not called upon.

Black History Month also serves as a reminder to us all that the path to acceptance and respect is one that leads to understanding. Because, the truth is, we have more in common than not.

At AT&T, we connect people in meaningful ways. We innovate to improve lives and we deliver services that enrich, entertain and unite. In recognition of Black History Month, we’re honoring the trailblazers who’ve paved the way for black excellence. In the spirit of honoring that excellence, AT&T’s Dream in Black presents Black Future Month, a celebration of the people who are making history by shaping our futures, today.

Black Future Month is a future-forward celebration of 27 inspiring creators, including Queen Latifah, Devon Franklin, Zendaya, Van Jones and so many more who have dared to Dream in Black.

Help us celebrate by identifying a future-maker

Why 27 and not 28 We’re launching a contest to help us discover the 28th Dream in Black Future Maker. Are you someone making history in your community, or do you know someone else that is One lucky winner will be added to the list and invited to join AT&T for one of entertainment’s biggest award nights.

For a chance to be honored as the 28th Dream in Black Future Maker, post a photo or video of history in the making to Facebook, Instagram or Twitter using #DreamInBlack.

Join me in celebrating those who’ve dedicated their lives to change. They’re championing a fair and equitable future for all, defining moments and creating a world rich with cultural heritage all can enjoy.

Click here for more information about Black Future Month.

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