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It's time for responsible Republican leaders to publicly disavow this monster.

Enough is enough. It's time that Republican senators, representatives, governors and party leaders stop hiding behind the curtains and get this guy off the stage.

There is no hiding behind the message that was delivered on Tuesday — if Hillary gets to pick the judges, there's nothing you can do about it, but the "Second Amendment people" may have a solution. Let's be real — he was saying, "Shoot her, so I have a chance at winning."

This is not a stretch. Encouraging violence ("I think you'd have riots"), combined with conspiracy theory threats ("that election is going to be rigged"), has been a trump hallmark since the start. It's how he does business; he's a thug.

He can still win.

Nobody can be undecided at this point. People may have the common sense to not admit to pollsters that they're going to vote for trump (or put out a lawn sign) because he is directly offensive to more than half of our country — he's a draft-dodging, contractor-cheating, violence-inciting, philandering, customer-cheating, disability-mocking, Latino-villainizing, Muslim-smearing, Russian mobster-partnering, Putin-loving, tax return- and medical history-hiding, sexist, racist, religionist mess.

But he can still win. It's going to boil down to who can get out the vote.

The greater the voter turnout, the better off our country will be. I am specifically worried about Black voter turnout. Black people voted at a higher percentage than white people in the last two elections because of Barack Obama. I'll be blunt: Hillary has not given Black people a lot of reasons to be motivated to vote for her in the same percentages. She seems to be playing it "safe," which is a recipe for disaster. If Blacks, Latinos and progressive whites aren't motivated and stay home, madman trump can win.

I'm asking my editorial team to research organizations that help drive out the vote. Stay tuned.

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