Archived: Asians, Chop Those Vegetables! Women, Serve Those Men! The Baloney Meter Returns!

More ad-agency foolishness: Here’s American Airlines’ new commercial, featuring its new logo. The (only) woman is a waitress, the (only) Asian people are kitchen workers, the Latino kid is in a poor neighborhood, the Black guy is a football player (inexplicably standing on the field and daydreaming with his helmet off during a play!). But the wealthy homeowner with a pool and the businessperson White men, of course.

“Wonder of travel” More like, “I wonder what the diversity of the creative team and the diversity of the marketing department that approved this commercial was” And if you’ve had to fly on American lately, the real question is, “I wonder if the plane will take off within a day of when it’s supposed to” What baloney.

–Luke Visconti

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