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Aretha Franklin, The Queen of Soul, Has Died at Age 76

Sources confirmed that Aretha Franklin passed away this morning at 8 a.m. at the age of 76.

It was announced earlier this week that the legendary singer was in “grave condition” after her 2010 diagnosis of pancreatic cancer. She was surrounded by her close family who are requesting prayers and privacy.

Celebrities came from near and far to pay their respects to the icon. Beyonce gave her rousing tribute on August 13. Jesse Jackson, Former President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama, the Clintons and Stevie Wonder all flew to Detroit to see the ailing singer.

Aretha Franklin’s voice is world renowned. The pain, struggle and subsequent liberation behind it isn’t as well known. As we come to terms with her imminent departure from the earthly realm, we will forever cherish one of the most beautiful voices known to man.

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