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Accenture, which won our Special Award as Top Company for Global Diversity last year, is a strong D&I leader in the United States and globally. Stephen J. Rohleder, Group Chief Executive North America, accepted the award.Under the guidance of Nellie Borrero, Managing Director, Global Inclusion & Diversity, the company has aggressively pursued recruitment and talent development opportunities to strengthen its pipeline of diverse leaders.

Last year, Accenture launched its Future Technology Leaders initiative to grow its talent pipeline in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics), partnering with more than 35 universities in 20 countries.

Accenture has been a leader in supplier diversity, LGBT inclusion and mentoring and sponsorship. All of the company’s global employees have career counselors, and cross-cultural sponsors are encouraged throughout the organization.

The company has 12 employee resource groups, which are used for mentoring and career development. This includes groups for experienced hires and work/life wellness. About half the employees are members of at least one group.

The company has particularly strong efforts for women and was a pioneer in creating flexible workplaces.


Pierre Nanterme

Chairman & CEO

“Embracing inclusion and diversity in everything we do continues to make Accenture a better company and also a very special placea place where we help our clients and our communities create sustained economic growth, where people enjoy working and where others aspire to join and build their careers. We want Accenture to be a place that fosters collaboration and opportunity, and our commitment to inclusion and diversity is making a huge impact.”

Nellie Borrero

Managing Director, Global Inclusion & Diversity

“Collectively, Accenture employees represent a tremendous variety of cultures, ethnicities, beliefs and experiences. It is through this diverse environment that Accenture can truly understand and be relevant to our clients. The richness of diversity of our people makes Accenture stronger, smarter, more innovative and a better-performing company across all dimensions.”


U.S. Headquarters:New York City

Global Employees:323,000

U.S. Employees:46,000

Last Year’s DiversityInc Top 50 Ranking:No. 12


No. 2Top 10 Companies for Global Diversity

No. 6Top 10 Companies for Mentoring

No. 6Top 10 Companies for Supplier Diversity

No. 8Top 10 Companies for LGBT Employees


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