Animal Torturing Felon Called 911 on Black Teens at McKinney Pool Party

In the aftermath of the pool party incident where police officer Eric Casebolt was caught on video manhandling a bikini-clad teenage Black girl, one of the local residents who called 911 to report the teen party-goers was identified as Sean Toon. As Toon’s excessive display of supporting Casebolt’s actions brought him notoriety among media outlets that defended the aggressive actions of a white cop against Black teenagers, Toon’s violent history as a two-time felon came to light.

“Most of the people I’ve talked to support what the police did,” said the self-appointed apologist for the Craig’s Ranch home owners and the McKinney Police Department to Megyn Kelly. “And most people don’t think this is a race issue. This is an out of control kids issue.”

Sean Toon would know something of “aggression” and “intense” situations, as he describes events at the pool party. The Guardian unearthed Toon’s own record as a violent youth felon and animal torturer:

Sean Toon was sentenced to more than nine months in jail after pleading guilty to killing and maiming prize farm animals and covering them in paint, according to court records in Texas. He was separately sentenced to two and a half months for an assault.

Such a history for an individual that Megyn Kelly allowed to characterize events on her show is interesting in light of her remarks painting the 15-year-old Dajerria Becton, the victim of Eric Casebolt’s brutality, as being “no saint either.” Despite stating she doesn’t condone Casebolt’s actions, she still spent time assigning a level of responsibility on the teen victim. “He had told her to leave, and she continued to linger,” Kelly said. “When the cop tells you to leave, get out.”

But, just how saintly is the concerned citizen Kelly interviewed about the actions of kids at a pool The Guardian also found a Dallas Morning News story about Toon and his friend’s assault on a rival high school:

“Cows and pigs were cut and bruised, apparently beaten with wooden boards. And baby turkeys were slain, their limbs torn apart,” the Dallas Morning News reported at the time. Dale Gardner, a teacher in the school district’s agriscience and technology program, told the newspaper: “It was brutal. There’s no way to describe it. I’ve never seen anything like it.”

Kelly misses an opportunity asking the convicted animal torturer if he had any involvement in the altercation prior to the video, considering he himself suggested to a local reporter that the 7-minute clip doesn’t show everything.

“Watching 30 seconds or seven minutes of a clip, it doesn’t tell the whole story,” Toon told WFAA, the ABC affiliate.

He did little to acknowledge his relationship with the older white women who were at the start of the altercation with the teens at the pool, and even his own involvement in that incident to WFAA or Megyn Kelly:

SEAN: There was a fight between a young black girl and two middle age white females.

KELLY: Security officers Were they security guards The women The older women

SEAN: They were not. One of them, I know, was a resident. The other one I believe was visiting a resident there.

Other witnesses to the events leading up to the police arriving filled in additional parts of the whole story. Toon’s wife, Barber, confirmed to BuzzFeed that the two women in the altercation were with her, and one of the party attendees added that Toon was far from an uninvolved bystander:

“I’m 100% sure that he said, ‘You should go back to the Section 8 [public] housing where you’re from because you don’t belong in our neighborhood,'” Grace Stone, a 14-year-old white McKinney resident who defended her black friends, told BuzzFeed News.

The issue of public housing has been a bone of contention with the somewhat segregated parts of McKinney, Texas, largely drawn around racial lines.

It’s been noted that some media outlets often have a specific language for how they choose to frame issues of race, especially in explosive confrontations with police. In the case of Sean Toon, apparently once a violent youth and an individual being mocked on Twitter with the hashtag #SeanToon911, the frame is more than a little hypocritical and biased.

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