Diversity Leadership: Andr Wyss, Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation

Andr Wyss

Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation

Andr Wyss believes strongly in inclusive leadership and in ensuring that the middle of the organization is as invested in diversity-management efforts as the top.

The Swiss-born leader of Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation has been a strong advocate for diversity initiatives since he took over U.S. operations in 2010. He has personally met with DiversityInc executives numerous times to best determine Novartis Pharmaceutical Corporation’s diversity-management strategy.

Wyss has pushed NPC to be as inclusive as possible, especially in its efforts to develop its future workforce. In 2012, he accepted DiversityInc’s Top Company for Talent Pipeline award on behalf of Novartis Pharmaceutical Corporation, saying, “We are committed to doing what’s necessary to attract, retain and motivate the diverse talent we need to succeed now and in the future.”

He also is a deep believer in the value of corporate philanthropy, especially to help people from underrepresented groups. Companies have a responsibility to “support meaningful programs at the intersection of community-based outreach, philanthropy and education,” he told DiversityInc.

Wyss joined Novartis in 1984 as a chemistry apprentice at Sandoz, which would merge with Ciba-Geigy in 1996 to form Novartis. He went on to serve the company in various roles from marketing to manufacturing in Europe and around the world. Wyss was Country President and Head of Pharma in Greece, Head of Group Emerging Markets, and Head of Pharma Region Asia-Pacific, Middle East and African Countries.

In late 2012, Wyss added the titles President of Novartis Corporation and U.S. Country Head. He is a member of the Global Pharma Executive Committee.

In 2007, Wyss received the Novartis Business Excellence award for his work in Greece. He earned a graduate degree from the School of Economics and Business Administration (HWV) in 1995.

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